weekend wrap up

whew! this weekend flew by!
it seems like just yesterday I was thinking
and now it's back to work?
what the heck?
Finally watched "The Hangover" on Friday evening and could not stop laughing!!
Even the next day, we were still cracking up!!
Saturday we had our engagement shoot with the
She is an old friend of mine from my BCHS days and when I found out she had launched her photography business I jumped at the chance to have her photograph us!
So most of Saturday was spent gazing into my Babe's eyes, avoiding poison oak/ivy, gopher holes and eating a massive amount of cotton candy!
We had. so. much. fun!
And Melissa was awesome at including Sweet Pea into the mix as well!
After we got the final shot and got in the car, Babe remarked at how impressed he was with how she hung out with us all day and how he couldn't wait to see the final photos!
My wonderful friend Rachel also joined us for a bit as our stylist for the day and really helped us get just the right looks and images!!
Thanks Rach!!
Run on over here and check out a sneak peek!
I can't wait to see them all!
The suspense is killing me!!!
After our photo shoot we met up with my Dad at P.F. Chang's
(our ususal fav)
as we were all starving
(modeling is very hard work)
we had a scrumptious dinner then dashed off to my Mom's for a hot one.
She's leaving this evening to go back to Ohio and be with my Grandma.
Not sure for how long or what's going to happen but will be praying fervently.
Today was just kind of chill.
Got up and had to go get milk from the store , came home and Babe was making breakfast!
So I threw some cinnamon rolls in the oven and it was a party!
We basically just lounged about until I decided to make dinner happen.
It was an absolutely loverly weekend!
Tomorrow I start week 2 of the 30 day Shred and am moving on to Level 2.
Wish me luck!


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