truthful tuesday

my brain needs a break
so I checked out my dashboard to see who's doing what and
 I decided to partake in a little thing called Truthful Tuesday over at Confessions From a Working Mom
You may recall I was doing a little something like that a while back called
True Confession Tuesday,
but that was mostly MY truths.
This version has a topic question that you can answer and link up to play along!!
I love these things because I'm inherently nosy and get a kick out of seeing a quick glimpse into the lives of other women
and I find some cool new blogs to follow in the process!!
Like this lady!!!
she's Sassy and I like it !

This week's question is:
How has motherhood taught you to let go?
ha! thats a contradictory question! if anything mother hood has made me want to hold on tighter to some things while letting go of others all together. 
I hold on tight to my memories and experiences that I have with the Sweet Pea. I try to  make sure I am really IN the moment when we have our quality time and to have it OFTEN!!!
On the flip side, my OCD switched into hyper-drive once Sweet Pea was born.
but only in regard to her. when it came to housework and personal maitenance......fuggghedaboutit.
I spent two weeks in the same 2 pair of yoga pants. :)

In the begining I wanted to be a "Hot Mom" or "Yummy Mummy" as they say across the pond. Simply because I wanted to "look good for a mom" and somewhere along the way I let go of that. I realized that I want to look good for my (soon-to-be) Hubby and ME. Not for the ladies at the playground.
I've let go of a few parenting 'ideals' I had picked up along the way.
No one has all the answers. No one's child is perfectly behaved ALL the time.
And I definitely don't know what I'm doing.
but I'm having a good time in the process!
I think thats all I've let go of!
this was fun!
Link up below and play along! 


  1. I love your answer... I could have said so many of the same things. Obviously, since you've done your own "confessing" on Tuesdays past, you and I are pretty like-minded, it seems!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. @ Elizabeth!
    I think so! love this and plan to play along next week!


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