Switching things up........fill in the blank Friday

hello friends! it's FRIDAY!!!!
are y'all as excited about that as I am??
It has been a LONG but short week and I am ready for a rest!
so normally I do 5 question Friday with Mama M whom I adore ....but when I got to my Dashboard I saw that the always funny Keely had found this lovely blog!
I am all about the new fun stuff and hey who doesn't like to fill in the blanks?
it's like choose your own adventure!
so I thought I'd play along and then do Mama M's 5 Questions in a whole seperate post.
Two posts on a Friday????!!! What!!????
Walking on the wild side I tell ya.....

so here we gooooooo

1.  If I weren't a    production coordinator          I'd love to be     a writer.                    .

2.  When I'm super upset I    read, go shopping if funds permit, daydream, cry, YOGA - whatever needs to be done!

3.  My favorite thing about myself is my laugh and my smile

4.  If I found a $100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on   hello $1 aisle at Target and Dollar Tree store!! LOVES!!!!

5.  Even though some people might consider this a flaw, I love   my moles. they give me character and remind me of my aunts and mother. also my Sweet Pea has mirror images of the ones I have on my back :)

6.  I love the way I feel    after yoga or a strenuous workout. powerful and ready to take on the world. 

7.  I love my hair most when it's freshly done and clean and honey colored. love the way the wind feels against my scalp!

Okay that was FUN!!!
if you want to link up go ahead and run on over to Lauren's blog and jump on the McLinky!!


  1. glad you played along!

    and I too love a bit of retail therapy. and i especially love the dollar bins at target and dollar tree....BUT....you know where there are even better dollar bins? michael's craft store. if you have one nearby, go check them out. the stuff they have in those bins is pretty much incredible :).


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