its seems that everyone is making and touting their new years resolutions.
I don't usually as I am a major procrastinator and am seriously bothered when things don't get checked off my lists.
but this year is different.
don't ask me why because I can't articulate it.
It just is.
I can feel it.
We have so much happening this year!!!
I am OVERJOYED about all the 2010 has to offer
Sweet Pea turning 8
gettting married
continuing traditions and beginning new ones as a unified family
experiencing all of the little things life has to offer.......

My good friend Rachel has chosen a "word" for the year and I think that is an excellent idea to include in resolutions or as an alternative.
so what do I resolve?
well few simple things really
  • to spend more quality time with my Sweet Pea each evening. with the new work schedule it's been hard to carve out quality time each evening and I intend to work on that!
  • a set date night ;minimum 2x a month - yes I know that doesn't seem like a lot of QT but when you're saving for a wedding this is all the budget will allow.
  • to get to church more regularly - i'm not setting a number of days in stone cuz I'll only be disappointed if it doesn't happen but I would like this to be a family priority
  • maintain a healthy level of fitness and incorporate more fruits and veggies into our diet
  • RELAX - this may seem silly but if you know me you understand I move at the speed of light 95% of the time and being still to relax is not really in my vocabulary
  • be a better friend/wife/mother/sister/daughter- since my attention span is virtually nil this is really something I strive to work on.
    I want to give as good as I get in 2010 and I feel like these 6 goals will help me do that.
I don't know if I have one word for 2010.
I love words and it is incredibly hard to choose just one
but.........if pressed it would be:


FAITH is what has gotten me to this point
it's what I have in my fiance that he will be a wonderful husband, father and provider
it's what gets me to and from work each day

FAITH was what saved me.......
from myself, from the 'world', from a place of darkness
it's comforted me in the night and even in the bleakness of the day
and I have FAITH that things will go according to plan
FAITH is what is going to get my family through my grandmother's illness

I think for this year and all that we will be embarking on
we will need to have lots of FAITH that it will all come together
FAITH that we will be placed in situations that are beneficial to us and
FAITH that He will see us through it!

God has been so good to me
He came so that I might have a life
and have it more abundantly
and in 2010 I do not intend to let His coming have been in vain
I will continue to let my light shine for all to see!!!!


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