it wasn't so bad

this morning.
getting up at 5am.
I admit I hit the alarm and laid back down for a minute
but then quickly hopped up
determined not to sabotage myself before I even got started.
( doing good right? (wink, wink))
so I dragged my weary body downstairs and got prepared to be whipped into shape by
Ms. Jillian Michaels
possibly the scariest thing to come through my television.
by no means was it a 'good time' but I did have a little more pep in my step as I raced back up the stairs to hop in the shower.
I trudged through all but 8 minutes of the workout as I would have been late otherwise
I know in a few weeks when I start to see results I will be thanking
Ms. Jillian for making me 'push through' these early mornings
but tomorrow?
my body might just hate me and her!


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