dilemma & some things I like

I am now knee deep into the 'wedding planning' and I am LOVING it.
and hating it.
I am a creative minded individual who is inspired by what she see's.
Unfortunately I see a LOT that I like!
or at least want to utilize in some way!
Like the photo collage below.
I love my color scheme.'
Have worked hard on it.
now I'm looking at the lovely purpley,blue,turquoise green-ness of it all makes me want to switch things up.

I mean how cute/pretty is that???
And in july too?
hmmmm......maybe I can figure out how to work that in with my original ideas......
I'm also thinking about switching up the girls dress colors again.
maybe just have the maids of honor in color?
I don't know.
I need to reign it in that's for sure.
otherwise I will let my imagination run away with me!!!
This weekend I plan on hitting up my local Micheal's and seeing what they have in the way of feathers and beads for making a fancy schmancy hair piece for me and possibly headbands for the flower girls or maybe a brooch for my mom!!!
and I really want cute creative, custom invitations.
Not something everyone else has used/seen before.
I and I would LOVE to D.I.Y them but need to schedule a time
And recruit some help!
And of course how am I going to print them once I have all the materials??????
I'm also REALLY digging this
I am in the mood to switch up a few things in the house now that the holidays are over
(in fact Babe asked me yesterday if we were going to switch out the pillows again)
Purple is my favorite color and blue is his lucky color.
And I have curtains that would accent this perfectly!
Maybe it's a sign.
clearly there is a theme going on here ; color wise
I must be in the mood for change as I recently added highlights to my hair
(it was waayyy too dark)
and am looking up ways to spruce up our bedroom as well with this!
I love Target!!!

AND we need to go ahead and set up our registry.
it's a hard job. but someone has to point the little gun at all the 'stuff'!!!


  1. Okay, soooo it's been 10+ years since I planned my wedding. But I do remember this...you will change your mind 400 different times. Wish I had some advice. I don't. But from what it looks like from here...you are going to throw a BEAUTIFUL wedding, no matter what you decide on! =)

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