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five question fridaaaaay!!!!!

Clearly I'm in the mood to answer questions as I just posted this since I recently found the loverly Lauren's blog! If you're familiar with this corner of the blog-o-sphere then you know that today is the day we all hop on over to Mama M's and play 5 Question Friday!!!! Last week I was out of town and dealing with this so I missed out
You know the rules - copy the questions and answer them, then link back to Mama M for a blog-hopping hootenany!!! ( lol - I said "hootenany!!!" Ha!}
so let's get on with it shall we?

1. Would you ever vacation alone? sure. but who would I talk to when something funny happens? the locals? I'd like to think I'm that cool but when it comes down to it....I need a side kick. Unless you're talking about an all expense paid trip to Target Great land. Then I'd happily go alone.
2. Do you go the speed limit? depends on what it is and where I'm going. for the most part yes. but everyone out here drives 15miles above what&#…

Switching things up........fill in the blank Friday

hello friends! it's FRIDAY!!!! are y'all as excited about that as I am?? It has been a LONG but short week and I am ready for a rest! so normally I do 5 question Friday with Mama Mwhom I adore ....but when I got to my Dashboard I saw that the always funny Keely had found this lovely blog! I am all about the new fun stuff and hey who doesn't like to fill in the blanks? it's like choose your own adventure! so I thought I'd play along and then do Mama M's 5 Questions in a whole seperate post. Two posts on a Friday????!!! What!!???? Walking on the wild side I tell ya.....
so here we gooooooo
1.  If I weren't a production coordinator I'd love to be a writer.   .
2.  When I'm super upset I read, go shopping if funds permit, daydream, cry, YOGA - whatever needs to be done!
3.  My favorite thing about myself is my laugh and my smile
4.  If I found a $100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on   hello $1 aisle at Target and Dollar Tree store!! LOVES!…

it's so hard... to say goodbye...

I've been M.I.A for the last few days ( did you even notice?) as I posted thislast week.
Well.....on Wednesday January 20th my Grandmother Mary L. Ross Larkins went to heaven.
At about 6am as I was finishing up my makeup to leave for work, my phone rang.
It was my mother.
I looked at it and knew.
I let it ring a few times before picking up and hearing the words I had been anticipating/dreading for weeks.
"Grandma's gone".
Immediately I burst into tears and then pulled it together to get to work on time.
I had a lot to do before I left.
at about 9am I received an email from a travel agent letting me know I had a 6am flight out the next morning.
Thank God for my Dad and my Aunt.
  We were able to meet each other in Atlanta and fly on to Ohio togethe.
 Under normal circumstances, going home to Ohio is always great fun.
I get to see family I haven't seen in years, some I've never met or don't remember meeting.
There are old family friends who tell me how much I look li…

truthful tuesday

my brain needs a break
so I checked out my dashboard to see who's doing what and
 I decided to partake in a little thing called Truthful Tuesday over atConfessions From a Working Mom
You may recall I was doing a little something like that a while back called
True Confession Tuesday,
but that was mostly MY truths.
This version has a topic question that you can answer and link up to play along!!
I love these things because I'm inherently nosy and get a kick out of seeing a quick glimpse into the lives of other women
and I find some cool new blogs to follow in the process!!
Like this lady!!!
she's Sassy and I like it !

This week's question is:
How has motherhood taught you to let go?
ha! thats a contradictory question! if anything mother hood has made me want to hold on tighter to some things while letting go of others all together.***I hold on tight to my memories and experiences that I have with the Sweet Pea. I try to  make sure I am really IN the moment when we have our qualit…


my mind is all over the place right now and am having a hard time focusing on one subject.
And for those who aren't aware it is raining in California.
Yes, the place where it was once proclaimed it NEVER rains, is having a 'storm'.
I do that it quotes as anytime there is any precipitation, the news channels deem it a "storm watch"
and it's all the rage.
can't imagine what they would do if it snowed.
but I digress.
I have several things on my mind today.
My grandma for starters. she has not improved in the slightest.
And my mother left last Sunday the 10th as she was asking for her.
Basically, the hospice nurse said to start calling people and let them know it's about time.
My heart is breaking.
My mother is watching her mother suffer and languish.
and I know it's killing her.
but I have no words of solace to offer her as I am consumed by own selfish grief.
But I pray for her constantly.
May she be comforted knowing that SHE was there when my Grandma needed her th…


so remember how I said HERE that we spent the weekend with THIS fabulous lady?
Well she posted the pictures!!
We're famous!
Head on over to the  Melissa Brandman Photography blog and check them out!
And if you're on Facebook , go ahead and become a fan of her business as well!!!

Honestly this woman is A-MAZ-ING!
she had my NFL loving fiance out for nearly 3 hours, missing all the play-off games with no complaint!
He even complimented her on her level of professionalism and her patience!
Not too mention he was grateful for her excellent direction on how to look 'naturally cheesy'!
She even managed to get the kid to help out and into the 'spirit' of things with a little cotton candy bribery
(which I am totally NOT opposed to by the way)

Thank you Melissa for this wonderful experience!
We can't wait until the wedding in July!!!

And thanks to THIS special lady for making sure we looked good!

dilemma & some things I like

I am now knee deep into the 'wedding planning' and I am LOVING it.
and hating it.
I am a creative minded individual who is inspired by what she see's.
Unfortunately I see a LOT that I like!
or at least want to utilize in some way!
Like the photo collage below.
I love my color scheme.'
Have worked hard on it.
now I'm looking at the lovely purpley,blue,turquoise green-ness of it all makes me want to switch things up.

I mean how cute/pretty is that???
And in july too?
hmmmm......maybe I can figure out how to work that in with my original ideas......
I'm also thinking about switching up the girls dress colors again.
maybe just have the maids of honor in color?
I don't know.
I need to reign it in that's for sure.
otherwise I will let my imagination run away with me!!!
This weekend I plan on hitting up my local Micheal's and seeing what they have in the way of feathers and beads for making a fancy schmancy hair piece for me and possibly headbands for the …


Set the alarm last night only to forget to turn it on.
so instead of 5a.m.
I woke up at 6:28
hit the ground running and took the fastest shower EVER.
still made it to the train on time
albeit, not looking quite as 'put together' as I had intended.
so there was no 'Shred' happening in my house this morning.
But tomorrow...........
is another day
and I will Shred!!!

weekend wrap up

whew! this weekend flew by! it seems like just yesterday I was thinking "T.G.I.F" and now it's back to work? what the heck? Finally watched "The Hangover" on Friday evening and could not stop laughing!! Even the next day, we were still cracking up!! Saturday we had our engagement shoot with the A-MAZ-ING Melissa Brandman! She is an old friend of mine from my BCHS days and when I found out she had launched her photography business I jumped at the chance to have her photograph us! So most of Saturday was spent gazing into my Babe's eyes, avoiding poison oak/ivy, gopher holes and eating a massive amount of cotton candy! We had. so. much. fun! And Melissa was awesome at including Sweet Pea into the mix as well! After we got the final shot and got in the car, Babe remarked at how impressed he was with how she hung out with us all day and how he couldn't wait to see the final photos! My wonderful friend Rachel also joined us for a bit as our stylist for the day and really…

It's Sunday....

last day for a fun day before we have to get back to it on Monday
I decided to play along with Keely's
Getting to Know You blog hop!!!

If you've never played along all you have to do is copy and paste the questions answer them come back here and link up!! This weeks questions are...
1. If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick one person to be stranded with you..Who would you pick? Family members not included. ooohh that's a tough one. on the one hand you would want to pick someone you could get along with but on the other I would want to be able to survive and get off the island. so I would have to say some type of person with mad survival skills like the guy on Man vs. Wild or whatever that show is. Cuz I'm going to need someone resourceful keep an eye out for a safeplace to pee,
a place to sleep, finding things to eat and getting us off the island. 2. Do you read celebrity gossip? I do. I admit it. And not just in the checkout line either. Although it's not…

T.G.I five question friday

wow we have already gone through the very first week of the new year!
Holy smokes how did that happen?

I must admit I am SO ready for this week to be over.
Emotionally drained and whatnot.
tomorrow we take our engagement pictures!!!
whoo hoo!!!

so check back soon for the link!

Now on to more important stuff.....
Today is:

hooray!! I missed last week's as I was stuffing my face with yummy New Year's Gumbo.
You know the rules right?
well here they are

For all you first's the deets:
Copy and paste the following questions to your blog, answer them, grab the MckLinky code (if you want) then come on back and link up! I would love, love, love it, if you'd link back to Mama M.!!

For those of you that don't have a blog (get on it!!) feel free to answer in the questions below here, or at any blog you visit

1. What's your "comfort food"?
hmmm...good question.
i guess french fries.
I mean I know most people will say mac'n cheese or something like that but I…


thats the best way to describe my emotions right now.
I am a complete mess and am just waiting for the breakdown.
I want to cry ALL the time.
these last few weeks have been really hard
since finding out that my grandma has been told she only has so long to live and coming to the realization that this may very well be the last year of her life and my little girl will not grow up knowing her the way I do is heartbreaking.
I have been pushing myself to the limit each day and its starting to take its toll
not only on me but my family as well.
my mother is hurting
my brother is too far away to 'be there' for her leaving myself and my aunt (her sister) and she's hurting as well......
and I don'
other than pray
and believe me I have been on my knees daily!!!

I am having such a hard time keeping it together......

maybe I just need a good cry to get it all out?


its seems that everyone is making and touting their new years resolutions.
I don't usually as I am a major procrastinator and am seriously bothered when things don't get checked off my lists.
but this year is different.
don't ask me why because I can't articulate it.
It just is.
I can feel it.
We have so much happening this year!!!
I am OVERJOYED about all the 2010 has to offer
Sweet Pea turning 8
gettting married
continuing traditions and beginning new ones as a unified family
experiencing all of the little things life has to offer.......

My good friend Rachel has chosen a "word" for the year and I think that is an excellent idea to include in resolutions or as an alternative.
so what do I resolve?
well few simple things really
to spend more quality time with my Sweet Pea each evening. with the new work schedule it's been hard to carve out quality time each evening and I intend to work on that!a set date night ;minimum 2x a month - yes I know that doesn't seem like…

it wasn't so bad

this morning.
getting up at 5am.
I admit I hit the alarm and laid back down for a minute
but then quickly hopped up
determined not to sabotage myself before I even got started.
( doing good right? (wink, wink))
so I dragged my weary body downstairs and got prepared to be whipped into shape by
Ms. Jillian Michaels
possibly the scariest thing to come through my television.
by no means was it a 'good time' but I did have a little more pep in my step as I raced back up the stairs to hop in the shower.
I trudged through all but 8 minutes of the workout as I would have been late otherwise
I know in a few weeks when I start to see results I will be thanking
Ms. Jillian for making me 'push through' these early mornings
but tomorrow?
my body might just hate me and her!

brand new

all weekend long I have been humming Nina Simone's " A New Day"......
because as of midnight Thursday it IS a new day!
a new dawn and a new day.
a chance to make things right.
This holiday season was 'blink and you'll miss it' for us with me working full time and Babe and Sweet Pea on vacation for two weeks.
we were pretty low key and I dug that a lot.
I am excited for all this year has to bring.
so many wonderful things to look forward to!
I'm still working on my 'resolutions' though.
I have a few I would like to for sure see accomplished but need to set about implementing a plan to complete them.
Obviously the big for us this year is the WEDDDING!
I am so excited I want to burst!!!
There are so many things that I cannot wait for us to do this year and I just know that this is going to be another monumental year for us!!

Happy 2010 Everyone!!!

p.s. I will post pics soon from Christmas - i know I'm terribly behind but actually took the time to rest ove…