what a day!

so this morning was crazy as I woke up late and then rushed to get Sweet Pea some cash to spend at her holiday boutique. was almost late for the train due to my mad dash but made it with minutes to spare.
scheduled to depart at 7:35 am
train arrived early at 7:31am.
I pulled up at 7:22.
then there was a "fire" at work.
well the fire alarm sounded (second time this week) so we all looked around no one moved and went back to work.
suddenly my boss comes rushing around the corner urging us to gather up our things and get out!
so we do.
aaaand here come the fire trucks!
rather than wait around in the cold half of our department decided to take a field trip to starbucks.
it was like christmas or getting a long recess in school (man i loved those days)
so I was behind an hour or so since we had that little 'adventure'......but it all worked out.
get home and Sweet Pea is STOKED to tell me about all she got and wants me to open my gift NOW.
And is not happy about waiting two weeks for me to see what it is.
she then proceeds to show me what she bought for herself.
Smart kid cuz I'd have done the same thing and in fact probably did!
Two AWESOME quotes from today
1) co-worker to supervisor upon evacuation:" do we need to clock out?"
2) Sweet Pea to Babe upon picking her up :
Sweet Pea "Hi Daddy , I'm hungry. Let's go get something to eat"
Babe: " well what do you want to eat?"
SP: " I was thinking Carl's Jr. I have some money." (smiling slyly)
Babe: " That was for presents and you have to give Mommy the rest of the money back."
SP: " Yes bue she just said she wanted her change."
Because in the mind of a 7yr. old change = coins
I cracked up when I heard that!
I love this kid!!!


  1. Your SweetPea is one smart chick! I'm pretty sure if my mom had handed me some cash it'd be burning a hole in my pocket, too. Sadly, I also, would probably choose to spend it at Carl's Jr. Very telling.


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