weekend wrap up

**** apologies in advance for no pics. haven't had time to upload the camera yet! they are coming soon I promise!!!******

now back to your regularly scheduled program..........

so this weekend as good as any I could have imagined!
We spent time with family and friends and really got into the spirit of the Holidays!
after work I gathered up my clan and we braved the wet to head down to Cypress and spend some time with my dad.
Since his fancy new TV stand was delivered, he needed my strong and strapping man to assist him in getting it (safely) out of the box.
Babe also hooked up his speakers and DVD player so he can watch movies at least, until the cable guy comes this week!
Dad also made us a yummy dinner of spaghetti, salad and garlic bread!
He even made a small pot of 'special sauce' for Sweet Pea without any 'fings' in it!
I then spent the remainder of the evening in OCD heaven as I began to organize his five hundred million DVDs.
Didn't have time or space to sort by genre but what was done is good enough for now!
Thanks Dad for a great evening!


Woke up to the rain again and I had a hundred errands to run as Babe and I hosted our very first ever Holiday party!
There was so much that had to be done and I hadn't the time or energy all week to do it!
It was Date Night/Game Night at our house Saturday evening so I had to hit up a few of my favorite places (hello Dollar Tree and Target)
to get my house in proper "Holiday attire"!
I finally picked up our tree and we put it up just before our guests arrived!
Although it was raining something terrible our friends were wonderful enough to brave the weather and come hang out!
So thank you to the Arrigos, Alexanders and (soon-to-be) Johnson's!
We had such a blast with you all!
The fellas have all known each other for 15+ years and it was great to see them reminisce with each other and to know how far they have come is a great thing to witness!
I love these guys - no matter how much time has passed since their last get -together it's like no time has passed at all!
Their friendships remain true and intact after all these years
I honestly don't know when I've laughed so much and just got a wonderful feeling by spending time with these folks!

After a rough start ( stayed up wayyyy too late)
I headed out to Long Beach as Sweet Pea was with my mom and we had plans to go see "The Nutcracker" that evening.
Sweet Pea had never seen or heard of it and I used to go every year up until I was about 12.
The performance was beautiful, magical and spectacular.
All the things the ballet should be.
Sweet Pea was very excited to see and meet a few of the ballerinas as the daughter of my mother's good friend was playing 'Clara' ( and the first time a black girl has played that role in the Westside Ballet Academy) so it was super exciting to 'know' someone in the production.
Sweet Pea picked out a Nutcracker ornament for our tree as well as the Sugar Plum fairy and the Snow Queen!

All in all it was a lovely ending to a wonderful weekend!

so- what did YOU do this weekend?


  1. Well...what did I do this weekend...pretty much a big pile o' nothing. Man, I really need to get a life! Glad you had a great (but busy) weekend. Hosting parties, especially holiday parties, is so much fun but so, so, so much work! =)


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