the struggle

flab & fluff + love of sweets VS. Jillian Michaels

the frosted glaze of the holidays are over and I am finally beginning to come out of my food coma
and must admit -
I am really disappointed in myself.
I have not had a decent work out in weeks.
Once I began working I threw tossed aside my drive to 'get shredded' for that of the almighty dollar.
And I say this not because the new year is approximately 1.5 days away and I am scrambling for resolutions.........
but because this is NOT my norm.
I've mentioned before how I am a former athlete and pretty much stay activate 85% of the year
(there is that roughly 25% of the time that requires me to lay on the couch)
so starting back to work threw a bit of a monkey wrench in my fitness plans
especially with the wedding being only 207 days away!!
I want to look my best!
not to mention fitting back into my favorite jeans would be nice.
yes. I admit it.
I cannot fit into some of my clothes.
Therefore I am subsequently generally unhappy with a lot of my fashion choices as they all seem to revolve around leggings, stretchy jeans, sweaters and baggy shirts.
I have gained more weight than usual these winter months and it's going to take me working twice as hard to work it off!!
And truthfully I want to start now.
right this minute.
no don't go thinking that I'm just being super vain and this is all about my clothes.
cuz it's not.
I don't like how I feel.
lethargic, pudgy,
just all around uncomfortable.....
and I don't like that feeling
I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get to look like Heidi Klum two weeks post postpartum
but it's going to take a LOT on my part.
First step?
get into the groove.
both literally and figuratively.
Have to find the time to work out.
I leave my house by 6:50am every morning and return about 6:50pm so there are only a few hours between work and sleep that I have free.
and those are usually filled up with "other" things.
I'm thinking that I should just started going to bed at a decent hour and getting my butt up earlier each day and getting in at least 30 min. before hopping in the shower.
I'm sure that would vastly improve my demeanor in the morning as well as put some pep in my step for the rest of the day.
I could attempt to do it in the evenings (which I have done before and enjoyed)
but I feel like that cuts away from quality time with the family.
So beginning January 1st (that's right - this Friday)
I will ease my way back into the world of fitness...........
with a brisk walk around my neighborhood - just to get the heart rate up and get the body back into the mindset of being pushed!!
Then come Monday morning I will be up at 5am (grumbling I'm sure) and getting back to Jillian yelling at me through the screen to 'push through'.
so goodbye homemade cookies, cakes, and pies.
so long caramel corn, fudge and snickers -mini's
Hello sugar/ fat free sorbet and jello
nice to see you again veggies sticks and fresh fruit snacks
salad for lunch?
watch out now!
I WILL stick with my goal and accomplish what I set out to do.
even if I have to drip sweat or cut out french fries in the process.......

ohhh who am I kidding?
I'm NOT cutting out french fries!!!


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