shower me with your love

classic song and quite an appropriate title for today's subject matter.

The ever important bridal shower.

Now I know I have queried about this before (don't u love that word?) here
but I still have questions that The Knot just doesn't seem to answer!
Who is actually supposed to throw the Bridal Shower?
Can you ask someone to host one for you?
Is the bride allowed to dictate the type of shower? (i.e. lingerie shower)
How far in advance can one have a shower?
And if none of the bridesmaids have mentioned it is terrible for the bride to mention it?

I was thinking about this the other day as I realized there are too many women in my life that I want to celebrate with to have just one shower.
My wonderfully amazing god-sisters have offered to host a shower the week of the wedding for all involved in the wedding so out-of-town family members can attend,
but what about the friends that I made at work?
or my FB friends & Beauty girls?
I want to include them as I've gotten pretty close to a lot of them and it would feel wrong (to me) if I didn't.
And isn't it about celebrating love with people you love?

But how does one go about this?

Any advice, suggestions or help you can offer would be AWESOME.


  1. For my wedding, I had a family shower (my aunts threw for me) which also included long time family friends, a "friends" shower thrown by the bridesmaids (typically planned by maid of honor and/or bridesmaids) for all my girlfriends, and my mother-in-laws friends threw me one for their large extended "family" of friends. Etiquitte dictates that only people invited to the wedding should be invited to a shower, unless it's a work place shower...I know this b/c I just threw one. ;) My bridesmaids also did a lingerie "shower" on my bachelorette party weekend. I think showers are typically thrown a month or 2 before the wedding. Hope that helps.

  2. Yep, I pretty much go along with The Jacobs post. Although it feels like eons ago that I had my wedding, I do remember having several separate showers thrown by different friends. Everyone offered to throw them so I didn't have to ask for anything specific, although I did request a lingerie shower be included. My BFF threw that one a week before the wedding, quickly followed by the Bachelorette party. Super fun! Some of my friends opted to wear various pieces of my new lingerie over their clothes. Oh, that I were 24 again. =)
    Have fun with the whole thing! =)


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