5 jolly holidaze questions

its another fabulous friday over here and I am so glad to have made it through another week of work!
we are getting mad busy as apparently there are only 21 shopping days left!
and I have yet to begin!

but i digress.....
you know what today is?
mmmhmm thats right
it's time for 5 questions Friday with Mama M
( said in my best announcer voice)
p.s if you have not checked out her blog please hop over as she is super cute , totally funny and a wonderful Mama!!!
so lets get right into it shall we?

1. Favorite gift you are GIVING this year?
wellll lets see, there are a couple; I discovered a few 'classic' albums at my mothers house and am 'gifting' them along with a record player to my brother. And I was planning on picking up a Wii as a gift for Babe (aka the whole family) .....the rest are a surprise cuz some of these folks actually read this blog

2. How many parties are you attending between now and Christmas?
i think just two, my company's holiday party (whoo to a hosted bar and free food!) and we are hosting a holiday date night game night.
It's our first holiday party as a couple and I'm so excited!!!

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?
i have a couple - donny hathaway's "this christmas" and Jessica Simpson's "o holy night" and mariah Carey's " all I want for christmas" - they all have special meaning and I sing along LOUDLY anywhere they are playing (and that includes the grocery store and the bathroom at restaurants)
4. Who was your favorite elementary school teacher and why?
oh thats easy; my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Clegg. she rocked. We took swimming lessons at the same YMCA and she used to come over our house often -little weird I know but she was so fun and encouraged my passion for reading and my overactive imagination!

5. If you had a choice to live in any other period of time (other than now) what era would you choose and why
I often imagine I am from another era. I never really feel 'with it in this time and place so I would've liked to have lived in the late 20's and 30's or possibly the 60's with all the interesting goings on ( but minus the discrimination and segregation issues)


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