since tomorrow is the BIG day of food and family I thought I would take a moment to mention what I'm thankful for. this has been an amazing year and I am so blessed and grateful for all that has occurred

my loving family. All of them. brother, sister in laws to be, cousins, god sisters etc....
through thick and thin they are there- supporting, encouraging and sometimes hitting me over the head with reasoning but its all love
graduation. finishing school was a HUGE thing for me this year and I am so glad its over and proud of myself for finishing what I started
Turning 30: I am so comfortable in my skin and where I'm at in my life. for the first time I feel like I have a grip on things and am really settled.
I like how that feels.
friends: for their unyielding love and relentless support
they are my rocks when I need a shoulder to lean on and my tissues when I am ready to cry
NEW friends: I'm at an age where I thought 'making new friends' wasn't important and something that would/could impact my life.
Blessedly I have and they have. I am so grateful
My Sweet Pea: She is my saving grace and the reason I get up each day.
She has such a loving heart and I thank God for blessing me with her
My Babe: he truly is my BEST friend. He loves me inspite of myself and his strenght and love amazes and inspires me daily
My job: It sounds corny but God knew exactly what He was doing (of course He did!) when He provided me with this opportunity.
We struggled for so long and I was so distruaght about my work situation and the Lord provided for me in a most wonderful way.
My God: for saving my soul. my life and giving me

and lastly FOOD:
what is this celebration without all the yummy eats?

What are YOU thankful for?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!


  1. I love reading such positive words! I am thankful for the relationship I have with my Savior and for the many blessings that God has graced upon me and my family. Thank you for the opportunity to share that! =)


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