Sweet Sunday

Today was a GREAT day.
I am feeling so good right now I don't even really have the words to articulate.
Let me start by saying that while I am a believer I have not been to church in over a year.
OK, maybe 2 years.
(go ahead and judge a little, it's okay - I'll wait)
Partially because I have a bit of an issue with the whole fakeness and hypocrisy that sometimes comes along with it and partially because I haven't really found a church that I felt spoke to ME.
As I kid I went to the church my parents did, visited my grandparents and went to theirs, stayed over with girlfriends and went to theirs.
But it never really felt right for me.
The message always seemed a little out of date and like something was missing.
So I haven't gone.
But I do my own devotions and have a few places I go online to look up the Word for the week so I was getting through.
However, lately, I just feel as though things are out of whack and was really needing my spiritual fruit.
Like. Seriously.
For Halloween we went to the Fall Family Fest at Abundant Living Family Church and really enjoyed ourselves.
A couple of our friends go there and while it's not super close to our house, it's closer than any other place.
AND it has been vetted by our friends, so I kind of knew I didn't have to wonder if this Pastor was going to be preaching the word or just talkin out of his butt.
So we went.
All three of us.
And it felt good.
This is kind of a major thing because Babe was raised Jehovah's witness,
and (sad to say) both of us are lacking in being 'active' in our faith.
We have never been to church together.
Sure we go to the Kingdom Hall once a year for "The Memorial" which is their Easter
(their focus seems to be more on his death than the resurrection) but that's about it.
It was good for us to go as a family
Sweet Pea enjoyed her classroom, participated and even made a few 'friends'.
For us it felt good to have friends there already made it that much easier to go into a foreign place and listen to God's word.
There is nothing worse than feeling like a convicted /lapsed Christian among strangers
(yes they are brothers & sisters in Christ but you know what I mean)
So now I'm fired up & ready to go!
I used to feel like this regularly when I was in high school but I guess going to a Christian high-school, having chapel once a week, Bible daily and prayers in each class will do that to you!
What did you do today?


  1. Finding a church "home" is hard! But it sounds like you just might have found one...who knows?? I think that God will bring you to just the right place that will be good for your journey of faith. I'm so happy for you and will say a prayer, too! :)


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