sunday funday

What a wonderful weekend!
I love love love this time of year and now that the turkey has been consumed I can now be surrounded by the wonderment and sparkle that is the "official" Christmas season!
I know many of you spent the long weekend lugging out your Christmas gear and cheer and getting into the Holiday spirit right?
Or not.
If you're like me, maybe you had every intention of doing so but then were distracted by the James Bond marathon.
Or just lazy and got stuck on the couch watching movies.
But that's okay, it just means I will do a little bit each day and get more and more inspired by a late evening trip to Target and the fabulous circular from Michael's!
And I can't wait to get it crackin this weekend with Sweet Pea to help and 'supervise' the tree assembly and ornament placement.
The kid's got an eye for style I tell ya!
But lets talk about today.
Today was one of those days when I looked at Babe and thought, 'Wow. He's amazing. How did I get so lucky?'
You see my dad is a bit of a pack rat
(understatement of the year people - the man has now filled three rooms of 'stuff' since my brother and I moved out approximately 10+ years ago and is single handedly keeping Costco in business)
Well he finally bought a new TV for the downstairs area and my loving fiance decided he would help him get his ish together.
So we made the trek down to the O.C where we proceeded to pack up 18 years of VHS tapes, phone cords and other miscellaneous crap into boxes.
Then my strapping man and Dad dragged the archaic entertainment center outside to either be sold on Craig's list or picked up by someone who could 'give it a good home'.
It was amazing.
I have never even seen the back wall in the den at my dad's.
My dad also has this wicked collection of Lladro figurines that used to sit on top of said entertainment center.
Talk about dusty!
Whew! No one has wiped those down in many a year.
So we took them all down and placed them lovingly on the table where Sweet Pea became fascinated by them.
She then decided they were too dusty to 'play with in her mind' (her words not mine)
and began to clean them off.
Y'all my baby cleaned 18 figurine with all the love and care of a mother wiping her baby's bottom ( ok probably not the best metaphor)
Those puppies were sparkling!
Fortunately the pack rat also had a fancy lil cabinet in the dining room meant to house such lovely things so when I made a food run
(thank you Volcano Burger!)
they began to arrange them on the shelves.
Voila! Beauty in a cabinet.
And then my poor somewhat OCD afflicted child proceeded to 'fix' them so that the rows were neat and they were properly sorted.
she is so my kid.
All in all it was a great day spent helping someone who really needed the motivation to just get started and now my dad has more space for the new TV, a better organized Lladro collection and we got the joy of spending some much needed QT. was your weekend?


  1. My dad has a "knack" for keeping things that should probably be kicked to the curb, too. In fact, we just told my mom we'd help her purge some stuff while dad's away this week. I bet your dad really appreciated all of your help! And, I've got to say, having a child who seems to be attracted to all things messy, I could definitely see the advantage to one who likes things neat and tidy. Go sweet pea!! =)

  2. wow, you are an amazing daughter too! I have this issue with my grandma.. needless to say... We clean out a room or two a few times a year... and it always creeps back in... But, you are such a honey for helping him and I know that he appreciated all the QT spent! :)

    amber v.

  3. thanks ladies!
    we had so much fun going through all that old stuff and even found "the good silver" that I will inherit one day!

  4. why no know how the ocd folk love a good before and after contrast and comparison analysis to bask in the improvement, it purges the soul! lol!


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