ohhh snap!

It's Monday all ready?

where the heck did the weekend go?

ohhh thats right.....we were BUSY.

that's why I have no recollection of Saturday or Sunday.

all those CapeCod's may have helped too.

Let me back up a minute lest you all think I am some sort of helpless lush.....

I completed my first week of work!!
Whoo hoo!!
And as I posted here, I really enjoyed it!
Saturday was guaranteed to be a busy day.
Sweet Pea had TWO birthday parties to attend and I was going to my Alumni Holiday Party with my bevy of beauties.
We started our day early at 10:30 ( that was hard) and headed off to Pump It Up! for party #1!
Since it was for our old neighbors and pool buddies I didn't have a problem dropping the kiddo off while I ran to get presents (this is what happens when I work all day,every day) for the birthday girls.
By the time I returned the kids were all jumped out and eating pizza but ready for cake!
Sweet Pea scored an awesome goodie bag and was blown away by......a slinky and silly putty of all things.
Thanks Davece and Olivia for inviting us!
We came home to rest (read mommy needed a nap ) and then it was off to party #2.
Malia's Sweet Shoppe.
Sundaes, root beer floats, cupcakes, pixie stix and more goodies galore!!!
ummm yeahhhh......
glad I wasn't the one watching all those sugared up kiddos!
All kinds of sugary goodness was scheduled and I knew the girls would have a blast.
And since I was meeting my beauty girls over that way, it was a family affair as we all rode together to the partay.

While I threw on MY party clothes, Babe took advantage of all the goodies and helped himself to a float. :)
Thanks Boo & Malia for inviting us!!!

Then it was off to the FIDM Alumni Holiday party.

Oh . boy.

I was able to hang out with all of my BGB's (thats Bad girls of Beauty - and by bad I mean good)

Can you say T-R-O-U-B-L-E???

AND there was an open bar.

Hence the vodka cranberries (CapeCod's).

I mean really who isn't going to take advantage of a hosted bar when
1) you're not driving
2) it's the holidays
3) you don't really go out
4) you get to celebrate having a job with all your friends
5) did I mention it was an open bar?
Needless to say we had a BLAST.
We giggled, we took pictures, talked a little trash about a few of the more questionably attired attendees and just had a good time!
of course I forgot my camera and had to rely on the other beauties to take pics.

But there was a photo booth that printed out pics and then displayed them on a 'jumbotron' like screen for the whole party to see.

I poured myself into bed around 2am and slept like a toddler.
Sunday was church and we were up early for that even though I was dragging.......
but the message was good and just what I needed to hear.
Came home for a nap then off to The Rack to see what I could score in the way of 'work clothes'.
I ended up with some cute boots and will probably be going back for more!

(f.y.i. Nordstrom Rack is having a WICKED shoe sale right now)

I came home in enough time to whip up two pizzas and a salad and then it was off to bed!!

What a fabulously fuuuuun weekend!

Say whaaaat???!!!

Viva La Juicy!

I LOVE these girls!!!

What did YOU do this weekend?


  1. I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with enjoying a few Cape Cods. In fact, I'm thinking of throwing one together in honor of the fact that you posted about them. =) Sounds like you had a kick-butt weekend and you and your chicks are gorgeous!!
    P.S. I'm glad that you had such a good first week of work! =)


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