November goals

It's a brand new month and one month closer to the end of the year.

That usually gets everyone to thinking about resolutions and goals.

So my friend Rachel Anne over at HOME SANCTUARY gave us all a challenge this month to set one goal and follow through.

I have been thinking about this for a few days now.

I am all about setting goals but my follow through sucks. ( I can honestly admit that now)

So I was puttering through the house this morning and started thinking about goals I would like to set and accomplish FOR SURE this month.

Like, Has. to. be. done.

type stuff.

So I came up with 3 major things:

1) I really want to better organize the papers that come into this house. From Sweet Pea's school work, to bills, recipes and appliance instructions.
So I need an organization system for ALL of that.
Any suggestions? How do you all deal with the paper clutter?

2) I posted this about how I was feeling about my weight and what all is going on with the food situation in my house. So my goal #2 is to stay committed to doing the "Shred" for the next 30 days and see how that works out. I have a tendency to start strong with programs like this , then falter and then pick it back up toward the end.
Hopefully now that I have put it out there I will stay true to it.
* please feel free to ask me how it's coming and I will be convicted if I've been lagging*

3) Getting a household cleaning schedule and chore list set up.
I'm so lame. I have received so much good advice for setting up a cleaning schedule but have yet to put it on paper or implement it.
( do u see a trend in procrastination maybe?)
No time like the present 'eh?

So those are my November goals.
Hopefully in 30 days I will look back on them and feel accomplished instead of chagrined.
Wish me luck!


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