Happy Birthday!

There are several birthdays happening this week and I wanted to shout them out now so I don't forget!
First, my darling B.F. Niki had a birthday on Tuesday and got the surprise of her life when her mom (who lives in Virginia) showed up at the door Friday evening!
Finally I got to meet Mama Jan (as I call her)!
I've known Nik for about 5 years and since we met I have had a friendship with her mother just as much as I have her!
So this was a great present for me too!
Happy Birthday my Darling Niki!
You are such a joy!
I'm so blessed to have you as a friend and call you neighbor!
What a wonderful blessing you are to all that are around you and to your family.
Thanks for being MY friend and for being so fabulous!!
This weekend - will celebrate the birthdays of a few others.
My wonderfully, charming and enigmatic older brother will be celebrating his 34th birthday!
Two good friends from the BCHS days will be celebrating their 30 &31st birthdays respectively!
And my 'lil boyfriend' Dylan will be a whopping 8 years old on Saturday as well!
Also - my Beauty BFF will be celebrating her 22nd on the 13th and my good friend Megs (aka Megan the lipgloss junkie) will have hers on the 14th!
I'm only posting this now as we have another party to go to on Saturday for one of the kiddos in Sweet Pea's class!!!
So excited to check out Pump it Up! and see what they have for the kiddos!
Happy Birthday to all my Scorpio's out there!


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