Game ON!!!

so because I am somewhat of a walking thesauras,
(and we are SUCH goobers)
Babe and I play this silly little game amongst ourselves.
We will use a word like 'money' for example and come up with as many synonyms as possible.
it goes a little like this.
Babe: Do you have any money?
Me: Some scrilla?
Him: Scratch
Me: bread
Him: dough
Me: cheddar
Him: duckets
Me: cheese
Him: paper
and on it goes..........
So we were doing this while eating lunch with our friends the Johnsons and they joined in the fun!
That got my wheels turning about games like Scattergories, Outburst and Taboo.
So I said to myself: Self, we should host a game night!!!!
But lets do it one better and make it a DATE NIGHT too!!!
(Sometimes myself comes up with REALLY good ideas.........)
That way we can get a break from the kiddos,
relax and have fun!!!
All of our couple friends love to play games already so I think maybe I will just have to sit myself down, look at the calendar and put together the evite!
And this time:
NO Women vs. Men.
Couples /teams only, less stress this way.......
(too many fights have begun cuz hubby didn't like the way wifey was pushing the buzzer on taboo)
If everyone can come it will FAB!
but if not, no worries, it can be re-scheduled for a less hectic time!

I am SO looking forward to it!


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