the first day....

I've gotten numerous emails, texts and FB wall posts inquiring as to how my first day was.......

First I have to say THANKS for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers.
It has meant so much to be inundated with all this LOVE!
you all are A-MAZ-ING!!!!

Can I just say that I have been working since I was 18 and never have I had such a wonderful first day of work.
Interesting and confusing yes.
Wonderful, not so much.
It was absolutely fabulous.
The staff is very friendly and welcoming.
Trendy and cutely dressed I fit right in with my shift dress, tights and FAB ankle boots
(thanks Rach for the coupon!)
I get to put my OCD into action each day and am appluaded for it and that makes my heart sing!

Around 2:30 I did get a little sleepy as I had been up since the CRACK of dawn but a quick trip to the bathroom and a few skittles remedied that real quick!

I accomplished quite a bit and my boss commended me on a job well done for my first day!

I can tell I'm going to L-O-V-E working here.

Now I know you all want to see a pic of the outfit but alas - I left my card reader at home and can't upload it from here.
But as soon as I get home tonight I will post with today's and yesterday's ensembles and you tell me what YOU think!


  1. I am SO glad to hear that you had such a positive first day! And I think you can definitely learn a lot about who you're working with and what their expectations are in that first day, so I think you're going to be A-Okay! And awesome that you were rockin' a cute outfit. I do my best work when I look posh. =)


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