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sunday funday

Whew! What a wonderful weekend! I love love love this time of year and now that the turkey has been consumed I can now be surrounded by the wonderment and sparkle that is the "official" Christmas season! I know many of you spent the long weekend lugging out your Christmas gear and cheer and getting into the Holiday spirit right? Right? Or not. If you're like me, maybe you had every intention of doing so but then were distracted by the James Bond marathon. Or just lazy and got stuck on the couch watching movies. But that's okay, it just means I will do a little bit each day and get more and more inspired by a late evening trip to Target and the fabulous circular from Michael's! And I can't wait to get it crackin this weekend with Sweet Pea to help and 'supervise' the tree assembly and ornament placement. The kid's got an eye for style I tell ya! But lets talk about today. Today was one of those days when I looked at Babe and thought, 'Wow. He's amazi…

black Friday Cinco preguntas

I don't know about y'all but I am in full on recovery mode today.
Yesterday I put on my leggings and a tunic and got my grub on!!!
Are y'all still stuffed too?
As usual there was an abundance of food and it seemed like the children started to mulitply after a few hours (seriously how do 5 kids sound like 25?)
But it was a great day spent with my wonderful (soon-to-be) in- laws as well as mi madre.

It's Black Friday and I know alot of y'all were up early hitting the sales or shopping online
while I got dressed to come to work.
but don't cry for me argentina......
cuz i'm getting all kinds of paid for working today so we can bring you great deals ALL the time and not just black Friday!

And since it is Friday you know that it's time for Mama M's Five Questions right?

The rules: copy the following questions to your blog, answer them, grab the McLinky blog hop code and link up!
Ohh and don't forget to link bak to Mama was HER idea after all!

so heeeeer…


since tomorrow is the BIG day of food and family I thought I would take a moment to mention what I'm thankful for.this has been an amazing year and I am so blessed and grateful for all that has occurred

my loving family. All of them. brother, sister in laws to be, cousins, god sisters etc....
through thick and thin they are there- supporting, encouraging and sometimes hitting me over the head with reasoning but its all love
graduation. finishing school was a HUGE thing for me this year and I am so glad its over and proud of myself for finishing what I started
Turning 30: I am so comfortable in my skin and where I'm at in my life. for the first time I feel like I have a grip on things and am really settled.
I like how that feels.
friends: for their unyielding love and relentless support.
they are my rocks when I need a shoulder to lean on and my tissues when I am ready to cry
NEW friends: I'm at an age where I thought 'making new friends' wasn't important and something …

ohhh snap!

It's Monday all ready?
where the heck did the weekend go?
ohhhthats right.....we were BUSY.
that's why I have no recollection of Saturday or Sunday.
all those CapeCod's may have helped too.
Let me back up a minute lest you all think I am some sort of helpless lush.....
I completed my first week of work!! Whoo hoo!!
And as I posted here, I really enjoyed it!
Saturday was guaranteed to be a busy day.
Sweet Pea had TWO birthday parties to attend and I was going to my Alumni Holiday Party with my bevy of beauties.
We started our day early at 10:30 ( that was hard) and headed off to Pump It Up! for party #1!
Since it was for our old neighbors and pool buddies I didn't have a problem dropping the kiddo off while I ran to get presents (this is what happens when I work all day,every day) for the birthday girls.
By the time I returned the kids were all jumped out and eating pizza but ready for cake!
Sweet Pea scored an awesome goodie bag and was blown away by......a slinky and silly put…

it's friday y'all

and you know what that means.....
It's time to play 5 questions with the FABULOUS Mama M!
Whoo hooo!!

Here's the rules:
Copy and paste the following questions to your blog, answer the questions, grab the MckLinky Blog Hop code, and link up!
Then, hop around and check out other fabulous bloggers!
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Don't have a blog but wanna join in?

Simply leave your answers in the comments!

Okay, here we go...

Questions for Friday, November 20th:
1. Are you a Black Friday shopper?

not so much....
since i really like to shop big crowds and ish everywhere make me really uncomfortable. sad but true.
although i do have delusions of standing outside of Target one day at the crack of dawn and scoring some sort of wonderous appliance for like $5. all the while knocking down old ladies if they get in my way.....

2. What was your favorite childhood toy? (Think Easy Bake Oven, Cabbage Patch Kid, Shrinky Dinks, etc.)

aww - well i loved all my dolls. cabba…


As promised here are my ensembles for the past two days.....
Monday - had to get my FAB boots in there!

Thanks Mom for the dress!!!
Do I look like a grown up?

the first day....

I've gotten numerous emails, texts and FB wall posts inquiring as to how my first day was.......

First I have to say THANKS for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers.
It has meant so much to be inundated with all this LOVE!
you all are A-MAZ-ING!!!!

Can I just say that I have been working since I was 18 and never have I had such a wonderful first day of work.
Interesting and confusing yes.
Wonderful, not so much.
It was absolutely fabulous.
The staff is very friendly and welcoming.
Trendy and cutely dressed I fit right in with my shift dress, tights and FAB ankle boots
(thanks Rach for the coupon!)
I get to put my OCD into action each day and am appluaded for it and that makes my heart sing!

Around 2:30 I did get a little sleepy as I had been up since the CRACK of dawn but a quick trip to the bathroom and a few skittles remedied that real quick!

I accomplished quite a bit and my boss commended me on a job well done for my first day!

I can tell I'm going to L-O-V-E working here.

Now I kn…

The begining of everything

Tomorrow everything changes.
Tomorrow I take the first steps to begin my career in the beauty industry.
Tomorrow is going to be a challenge but one I have been looking forward to for a long time.
Tomorrow is the first day of everything!
Today I have been a crazy person, running around trying to make sure everyone has what they need for the coming week.
Trying to explain to Sweet Pea why Granna is now picking her up and how she will have to be brave and (gasp) walk to the flag pole in front of school for pick up.
she cried.
Today, I am looking for the 'perfect' outfit for my first day.
I'm planning meals, doing laundry and trying to rest a bit too. Today I am basking in the little things and trying not to let tomorrow worry me.

I have to admit I'm a little nervous.
Not so much about the actual job because I'm pretty confident that I can do a great job.
No I'm nervous about how my family will adjust to this change.
We have spent months praying for a job for me.
Now that it ha…

Friday = question day!!!

Just like last week I am linking up with MamaM for 5 Question Friday. Link your blog below and play along and if you don't have a blog just answer the questions in comments!!
1. What is your favorite "eat" on Thanksgiving? Since the whole day is centered around food and I pretty much save up all my calories for this one day it's pretty hard to choose, but I would have to say mac'n cheese and candied yams or whipped sweet potatoes. both of those are so yummy and such comfort foods my mouth is watering right now thinking about them! 2. What is the name your best girl friend and the best trait about her or how you met (or heck, both!!) well i have two besties - Michelle and I met in high school , we bonded over a love of "whoomp there it is" and have been hanging out ever since. she is brutally honest and loves me despite al my faults. the other one -Mia (a.KIA Pie) we met in college where we were thrown together as roommates. Best thing CAU ever did. It was love…

Thought for Thursday

Yesterday my future M.I.L brought over some magazines for me since she knows a) I like to read b) I like to collage and have run out of new magazines c) I don't buy them like I used to So last night I was flipping through the Glamour for this month and was blown away by the editor's note. Apparently last month they ran the photo above of 'plus-size' model Lizzie Miller nearly naked. They were inundated with mail. Not because of the nudity. But for the simple fact that in the photo you can see her belly roll. Something most women only see at home and (let alone models) deny exists. Women and men alike were extolling them for their efforts at showcasing REAL women.
Let me just say that my heart skipped a beat when I read this.
First off, kudos to Glamour's editor-in-chief Cindi Lieve for being committed to photographing women of all body types! What a great example you are setting for our society and for the young girls that read your magazine! Hats off to you! A beauty …

drumroll please

Well as you all know I have been searching for a job for quite some time.
I've posted here, here and here about how I was struggling with the fact that I was having interviews but nothing was coming from them.
It has been a weight on my shoulders as we have only had one income for the last 1.5 years.
I have been praying daily for something to give , anything to get my foot in the door so I can 'get back out there'.
So you can imagine the level of not getting one's hopes up when I was asked to have a phone interview yesterday morning.
At 8 a.m. no less.
But I had a lovely chat with the woman from HR and she scheduled me for an interview this morning at 11:30 a.m.
Not wanting to get my hopes up - I conveyed mild excitement to Babe and went in with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor.
I met with three individuals at once
(firing squad anyone?)
And they all seemed lovely and like they enjoyed their work and working together which is super important to me.
Fortunately for m…

Sweet Sunday

Today was a GREAT day. I am feeling so good right now I don't even really have the words to articulate. Let me start by saying that while I am a believer I have not been to church in over a year. OK, maybe 2 years. (go ahead and judge a little, it's okay - I'll wait) Partially because I have a bit of an issue with the whole fakeness and hypocrisy that sometimes comes along with it and partially because I haven't really found a church that I felt spoke to ME. As I kid I went to the church my parents did, visited my grandparents and went to theirs, stayed over with girlfriends and went to theirs. But it never really felt right for me. The message always seemed a little out of date and like something was missing. So I haven't gone. But I do my own devotions and have a few places I go online to look up the Word for the week so I was getting through. However, lately, I just feel as though things are out of whack and was really needing my spiritual fruit. Like. Seriously. For Hall…

5 questions on Friday

As I said earlier, T.G.I.F y'all!!! It has been a long week! And I am definitely ready for the weekend! Today I found a new blog that I think is super cute. Elizabeth's blog Confessions of a Working Mom is funny and honest. She too has a mild case of OCD that I totally understand and has already given me some great ideas! She is linking up to play Five Question Friday on Mama M's blog and I thought I'd play along because..... well I like to answer survey questions ..... so hope you play along!

1. What is your dream job?

As I am in the process of finding a job to begin my career in the Beauty Industry that's kind of a tough one.... there are so many facets that I find interesting. I would like to review products as
a beauty editor/beauty journalist for a magazine like Allure or In Style. I love to write ( as evidenced here) and I love makeup - to be able to write about it and get paid for it? Say whaaaat??!!! that would be simply divine!
I would also like to work on the m…

TGIF - like nobody's business

Today is Friday!
Whoo Hoo!!!

That means I'm linking up over at Home Sanctuary for Coffee this morning!

Since I don't actually drink coffee this virtual cup will have to suffice!

This has been one of those weeks where I have a LOT on my 'to-do' list but can't seem to nail most of it down.

I noticed that I have accomplished a few menial tasks but have been procrastinating on the 'big' stuff. not that it's really big stuff but these are items that have been moved, pushed back, or put off for at least a month.

I'm a procrastinator.

Sue me.

It's a creative thing.

So anyway.
I have had a hard time this week really 'focusing' ya know?

On everything.
there were no major snafu's no one was late or forgotten, no one missed out on a lunch or activity but I just feel as though I have somehow fallen short.
I have some projects I started but have yet to complete.
A 'to-do' list that seems to grow longer by the minute and all I want to do is sit and rea…

thought for thursday

Daily Bible Verse Romans 12:15
Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.
That is my verse today and I thought it was pretty poignant. Especially in these trying times. When so many are struggling, our tendency is to be jealous when others rejoice, and to pass by when they mourn. God's way is to enter into the joys and sorrows of those around us. Meaning be happy for that friend who is happily celebrating her new home purchase, or the family member who got that job she's been praying for and rejoice with her. Happily. Not begrudgingly and with the thought "how come stuff like that doesn't happy to me?" And when our friends are suffering we shouldn't turn and hide from them. we need to embrace their mourning and mourn with them. Then look for ways to help them out. This verse really hit home for me today and I will be doing my best to apply it to my life in the coming weeks.

November goals

It's a brand new month and one month closer to the end of the year.
That usually gets everyone to thinking about resolutions and goals.

So my friend Rachel Anne over at HOME SANCTUARY gave us all a challenge this month to set one goal and follow through.

I have been thinking about this for a few days now.

I am all about setting goals but my follow through sucks. ( I can honestly admit that now)

So I was puttering through the house this morning and started thinking about goals I would like to set and accomplish FOR SURE this month.

Like, Has. to. be. done.

type stuff.

So I came up with 3 major things:

1) I really want to better organize the papers that come into this house. From Sweet Pea's school work, to bills, recipes and appliance instructions.
So I need an organization system for ALL of that.
Any suggestions? How do you all deal with the paper clutter?

2) I posted thisabout how I was feeling about my weight and what all is going on with the food situation in my house. So my goal #2 is…

Happy Birthday!

There are several birthdays happening this week and I wanted to shout them out now so I don't forget! First, my darling B.F. Niki had a birthday on Tuesday and got the surprise of her life when her mom (who lives in Virginia) showed up at the door Friday evening! Finally I got to meet Mama Jan (as I call her)! I've known Nik for about 5 years and since we met I have had a friendship with her mother just as much as I have her! So this was a great present for me too! LOL! Happy Birthday my Darling Niki! You are such a joy! I'm so blessed to have you as a friend and call you neighbor! What a wonderful blessing you are to all that are around you and to your family. Thanks for being MY friend and for being so fabulous!! ************************************************ This weekend - will celebrate the birthdays of a few others. My wonderfully, charming and enigmatic older brother will be celebrating his 34th birthday! Two good friends from the BCHS days will be celebrating their 30 &31…