a truth

I have in my mind a recurring thing I would like to do on here.
"True Confessions " - whether they are mine or someone else's (anonymously of course).
Most religions require some type of confessing of sin before one can be saved and I think our everyday lives are no different.I feel like there are so many things that we think but do not say, feel but dare not express, and question but dare not ask.
Please feel free to email me at btrflygoddess@yahoo.com with anything YOU wish to get off of your chest!

So I will start it off.

I have been very selfish and not a very good friend lately.
I hate to even write/think that.
But it's true. I've been a flake.
Somewhat self-absorbed and justifying it by saying I'm busy with the wedding, job hunting and working on making our house a home.
But it's all kind of b.s. really.
I can make the time. I just haven't been.
And I cannot honestly say I know/understand why I'm being this way.
Generally, I take great pride in my friendships and relationships.
I like to cultivate them and spend time with folks individually and as a collective.
Really get to know where people are coming from and see things from their perspective.
But lately, I've been really in my own world and haven't come up for air.
And I want to say to any of my friends reading this:
I'm sorry
I know its probably not enough, and folks would like there to be more of an apology but thats the bottom line.
I'm sorry.
For not calling. For not checking in. For not coming to hang out.
For perhaps putting my needs above yours and not giving what I expect to recieve.
For not making the time.
I know how important friendships are.
Whether they are with family or friends and I know how important it is to really work at those relationships. We all get caught up in our own nonsense from time to time but we have to make the effort to get past our ish and see whats going on with our home skillets, girlfriends, ace boon coon's, best good friends.....etc.
So, from today forward I will work on being a better friend.
I will make the effort and put out what I wish to receive.
None of us are perfect and we do not always handle things the proper way.
And I will admit to that but no more.
To all my friends,
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.
I will not blow you off.
I will always be there for you.
No matter what.
I may not always say what you want to hear, or what you like to hear, but I will try to say what you need to hear.
And if necessary, I won't say anything at all.
Just listen.

I hope you can forgive me.


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