true confession tuesday......all made up

I L-O-V-E makeup, wear it regularly and get somewhat irritated when people give me crap about it.
I have a serious love affair with makeup.
iIhear the angels on high sing with joy when I enter a Sephora.
It makes my heart leap for joy as each season brings a new palette of colors and techniques to try and explore.
real serious.
It's been going on for several years and I can't stop it.
I've researched the history behind it all and have been obsessed with it ever since.
I am enamored by all the color and how you can play with it.
Taken over by purples, washed away by the blues, hit in the face with green and glittered with copper, silver,bronze and gold.
It makes me very happy.
Unfortunately, I do get crap about this.
well not really crap.
But there are sly comments here and there.
Why you ask? Well I choose to wear makeup more often than not and am usually one of the few women who is "decked out" on daily basis. No matter what we are doing.
sorry folks. I'm not one of those "naturally" pretty women who wakes up, washes her face and is ready to go.
some days I wish I was but nope, not me.
there is a process.
I'm not a "M.A.C. girl" and wear MAYJAH full on makeup everyday and it does vary from day to day and for each occasion but please believe it's an oddity for me to even consider a run to the grocery store without a bit of mascara and at least my eyebrows done.
sounds obsessive doesn't it?
And yes I am that girl in Target with the black sundress, black flipflops, huge bag and green eyeliner with Sweet Pea in tow.
Now don't go thinking that I'm super vain and think I am some sort of gorgeous creature,
nor do I think I'm the creature from the black lagoon.
I just happen to think I look better with makeup on.
and I feel good when I have it on. thats what matters most right?
There is a certain enjoyment that comes from knowing that I can camouflage a blemish or dark circles, brighten up my eyes with a highlighter, and make my lashes longer and more luscious.
Admittedly, I like to play with color. Not only on myself but others as well.
( if you come to my house and have a little time, chances are you will live with a "lil something extra" on your face!)
And I think I'm damn good at it too!!
So sorry, but I won't be going out barefaced anytime soon and chances are the next time you see me I will be rocking the latest "hot" on my lids.
I am constantly mentally making people over, so if we are hanging out and I am looking at your face but have zoned out on the words, please don't take it personal.
I'm just doing your makeup.
In my head.


  1. Hey Amber! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Just thought I would add that I am also addicted to all things beauty...not great at application but LOVE buying it, touching it, seeing it, playing with it. I wish I were as good at execution as I am with imagining different looks on me! I secretly wish I could pull off the "MAC" look. I'm not au'natural but I don't quite fit into the "all done up" category, either. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!


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