Sunday Funday

Whew! What a weekend!!!!

It feels as though our weekend began on Thursday this week and is just now winding down!

Sweet Pea had early dismissal all week due to parent -teacher conferences so Thursday we jetted on down to the L.B. to see my friend Rachel and purchase a few more items from "The Attic"
After spending a whopping $5 , we cruised by my dad's long enough to have a snack and go potty.

Then we dashed back home so we could get our hair done!

My sister-in-law has come out of retirement and has begun doing hair again!


Since it was the night before Babe's birthday HE ended up going out with his friends for some male bonding while the Sweet Pea and I basked in our "new hair" glory!

Friday it was on to Parent -Teacher conference!

I remember always being slightly afraid on those days. I wasn't a "bad kid" or a terrible student but I was pretty chatty.....

Fortunately for us, her teacher had nothing but good things to say about our Sweet Pea!


Then we took Babe out to lunch at the local Wabi Sabi ( because who doesn't like to eat at teppan tables in the middle of the day) then a quick trip to Target.

By then we were spent so we came home to rest. However being the people we are we ended up not going back out.

But then Sweet Pea and I made a Lemon Cake (as per Babe's request) with lots of love and kisses baked into it so that more than made up.

Saturday: The three of us ventured down to San Juan Capistrano to tour a wedding venue (BEE-YOO-TI-FUL) and then hit up Ruby's for lunch. The best part of that meal? Sweet Pea got a pink poodle balloon animal with a purple leash & collar. AWESOME.

We got home and Babe's mother was there and ready to baby-sit! They ended up leaving to go visit another sister so we were finally left to our own devices.

We decided earlier in the day to go wine tasting and then dinner, but changed our minds and ended up heading to the local Yard House.

Now, I must say, I have been to the Yard House several times before (mainly for happy hour) and not usually to eat dinner so I was a little unsure of their dinner menu. Well let me just tell you they did NOT disappoint!

Our food was absolutely scrumptious!!! Hard to believe but we were both thoroughly satisfied with our choices!

Today (Sunday) - we went to see our friends son play football at the local park! It was the first game we had been too and it was a hard fought loss.

Poor Sweet Pea had no idea what was going on and I had to take the time to explain it to her.

Her only question: "what does 'hike' mean?". Nice.

Came home and Babe threw a couple steaks on the grill along with some corn, I whipped up a salad and some dinner rolls and dinner was served!


We had such a fun weekend and Babe really enjoyed his birthday - time spent with family, friends and good food!

What more could he ask for?


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