Soulful Sunday - these are the days

Today was such a peaceful day.

Yesterday we were bumps on a log.

Lazing about watching old episodes of 'House' and other missed DVR'd shows.

Today there was movement, but not much.

We decided to try out a new recipe for fried chicken as well as the new deep fryer.

My Dad swung by to drop of Babe's bday gift and Sweet Pea's Walk-a-thon money.

Lucky for him he got invited to stay for a yummy dinner.

Spicy Fried Chicken, macaroni & cheese, a green salad, corn bread and peach cobbler.


So delicious!!!

I love these kinds of days.

Afternoons spent migrating from the kitchen to the couch.

The roar of football fans echoing through my living room and the smell of cinnamon emanating from the kitchen.....

THESE are the days I will remember when I'm old and gray,

these are the times my Sweet Pea will look back upon with fondness and say

"We used to have fun in the most simplest ways"

Man, I love our Soulful Sundays!!!


  1. Don't ya just love those kinds of days? I know I do...especially when there's fried chicken involved. Heck, let's be honest...anything fried will do. =)


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