this has just been my week as far as wedding finds!
So I'm at Home Goods this morning because I like to torture myself when I don't have any money and go "browse".
Kind of serves as a reminder of one of the "fun" features of me getting a J-O-B.
I could have money to "play" with in a store like; that's dangerous.
Anyway.....I'm cruising through there "just looking" because I was hoping I might find some cool accesories for the wedding or house there.
Well I did.
Not just for the house either.
All those wonderful Apothecary jars I see used in the FAB candy buffet on my inspiration board?
Yeah, they had them ALL.
I mean really all of them.
Different shapes and sizes and it seriously gave me goose bumps and made me all excited to know how conveniently I'm finding my accent items.

All day long my BFF Michelle has been in my head,
as I heard "our song" from our wayward youth on the radio last night;
she texts me when I get home and tells me she was just thinkin about me and is sending me something and would I prefer it be for Crate & Barrel or Home Goods.

Sadly I had to pause and think about this
( I mean COME ON people I genuinely love both places and they appeal to my many design mindsets)
but ultimately I chose Home Goods as I will get more bang for my buck there and if you read this blog at all you KNOW I'm all over that!!

So thanks B.F.F. you totally made my day!


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