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So next Friday is Babe's birthday and I'm tryin to think of what to do to make it a little bit special for him.

See ten years ago, on Babe's 23rd birthday I made a decision.

I KNEW that I was going to end up with this man
(HOW it was going to happen remained a mystery)
And even though we were just friends at the time, I remember flying out to Atlanta to visit the "then boyfriend" but ending up spending most of my time w/ Babe.
And it was the MOST fun (thats another blog)

That evening we made a promise to each other that at some point we would marry.

(At the time I was thinking I would most likely be able to marry again since my future husband would probably die first - don't ask I was 20 and lots of "ideas")

So I want to make this 10 year birthday anniversary a bit more "special" if you will.

While thinking about all this I received a lovely "news & views" update from Redbook magazine that listed 20WaystoSpiceUpDAteNIght.

And it got me to thinking.

We haven't really had a lot of "date nights" as of late.

No major reason why, just haven't taken the time to schedule them.

Sad I know.

Several of my girlfriends seem to have them pretty regularly and I wonder how much that improves the quality of their relationship.

I also wonder, what do they do each time?

Because you can only go to "dinner and a movie" so many times before it starts to get old.

In reading the article and several others, it reminded WHY date night is necessary.

Once you have kids maintaining that "spark" in the relationship becomes harder and harder.

You find more things to distract you from spending time with your beloved and a lot of times at the end of a long day, all you want to do is crash.

But by creating outings for each other, you can regain that certain spark and ignite the flames of passion all over again.

We always make a point to have some quiet time for just he and I in the evening to discuss our day or what's going on with Sweet Pea or any other topics of interest.

But it's been few and far between lately that it's been "just us" out for an evening.

Some of the articles I read suggested taking turns planning the evening out (or in) so that you or your mate have that feeling of anticipation you used to get during the "dating game".

They also suggested that date doesn't have to be about spending money or even going out.

It's more about the time you spend together.

Reconnecting without the dramas of the outside world.

Did I mention they also recommended leaving your phones off?

Unless of course your babysitter needs to contact you then it should only be on vibrate.

There was a great article HERE for cheap and fun date ideas.

That got me a little more inspired.

But I want to hear from YOU!

What do you do for date night?

How often do you have them?

Who plans them and do you set a spending limit?

Do you have them with other couples or make it strictly alone time?????

Inquiring minds want/need to know!!!!


  1. Hey Amber,
    My hubby and I regularly do date nights because my mom insists on baby sitting once a weekend.. (so lucky, I know). We have gone for walks, rode bikes to a close dinner location, done the movie/dinner, ran errands (believe me, this can be relaxing and enjoyable with out a little one), go and get a drink somewhere and just sit and talk and talk and talk. We love to people watch, so getting a coffee and sitting on a bench somewhere making up silly stories about some of the more "interesting" people we see. We sometimes take turns letting each other plan it, and sometimes it kills me to submit and just go with his (seemingly terrible) plans... but you know what? More often than not we have an amazing time... One more thing, I know I am writing a book... But it is okay to fight on these dates, I know it isn't ideal, but I heard a speaker that once said it is a good place to get it all out, fix it, and make up with out the rush of little ones and being paranoid that they will feel the negative vibes or hear you. We try to avoid this, but sometimes things pop up that have been irking you throughout the week (not romantic, I know) :)
    Oh, we go with other couples too. But we make sure that it is balanced with alone time too :)
    Hope that helps!
    Amber V.

  2. Since Branden works a lot of nights, our "date nights" aren't always at night. We have to actually schedule dates, request time off work, etc, but it's worth it. Since we both love photography, we like to plan things around that sometimes, like an outing to the zoo or something like that. We do museums, movies, dinners, coffee... Sometimes we'll just pick a random place that we've never been together (or at all) and just go hang out and check it out, especially since we're short on cash these days. Like neither of us have been to Balboa Island since we were kids so that's on our date to-do list (just a mental list really). I love the idea of taking turns planning things, but I'm more of the planner in our relationship so I end up doing most of it.


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