Right Now....

I'm SO pleased with this evening's dinner menu

creamy tuscan chicken
sauteed spinach
three cheese risotto

Working in a warm kitchen, making my house more fragrant with the smells of love simmering on the stove
Listening to Babe help Sweet Pea with her homework while I "slaved" in the kitchen was music to my ears.

I'm extremely grateful for a loving man who understands the "whoever cooks doesn't have to clean up" rule.
I'm listening to my little love bug sing to herself in the bathtub while wearing a shower cap so as not to wet her newly pressed hair.
Getting more excited about the wedding, the celebration of family and friends, the details and all the possibilities!!
Thinking about the coming week has got me smiling from ear to ear for no particular reason.
My cup runneth over.

What are you up to today?


  1. It sounds like you were having a lovely day! And you know, as I sit here and watch my 3 year old son eat lunch in his underpants with his skinny little legs peeking out, my cup runneth over too! =)

  2. That is the perfect scenario of you ask me - that's why I love Sunday's - that's my big cooking day and I love feeding my husband and step-son when they watch football!

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! :D


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