pink on a thursday.....

My Sweet Pea took a picture of these flowers at the fair.

I have never seen anything like them before in my life.

Turns out they are only found in Africa.

Aren't they just lovely?

We thought so.

My pink thought for today goes out to two of my blogging friends

Christina, who can be found here took a major step and got that mammogram that could one day save her life.

Brava Miss Lady!

Since it was her idea for Pink Thoughts I have to give mad props to her for sharing this experience and for being such a lovely example to us all!

Go get yours!

Also to my friend Jenn who can be found here.

She just had a biopsy on a lump found in her armpit.

We prayed about it HERE!

Thankfully she came through it okay

And she recently posted an update that they are waiting for more tests.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

She has 5 little ones and married to a most amazing man.

I should know as he's my brothers BFF =)

Please lift her up today.

And anyone else you may know of who is struggling with this.

Who may be too scared to get that mammogram or even begin doing self exams.

Let's save the Ta-Ta's ladies!


  1. Thank you for your prayers!!! I truly means alot to me!!!!


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