Location, location, location

last week Babe, Sweet Pea and I went down to San Juan Capistrano to tour a wedding venue.

It was REALLY beautiful too.

The grounds reminded me a lot of the botanical gardens where we got engaged and the buildings are spanish style "haciendas" and fit right in with my vision.

The wedding director was really helpful and friendly and answered all of our questions.

And the price was OUTTA SIGHT!!!!

I mean it's well within our budget and I have already figured out a way to save money on a few other things so I'm sure we will come in under once its all said and done.

I'm kind of excited about it!

Now all we need to do is put down the deposit to book it and its ours!!!


One major hurdle down 200+ to go!

But that gives me piece of mind that my vision will come to fruition, it will be customized just for us and will allow us to still have money left over when the dust has settled.

Long story short (too late for that)
I think this may be THE place!!!!


Update: so after I typed all this out, I was flipping through my "wedding book" (i.e. the notebook I lug around that has a bunch of magazine pics and ideas jotted in it) and I noticed that I had clipped out the venue's information already.

Hmmmmm.....Is this is a sign?


  1. Yes! It's definitely a sign! Snap that place up and don't look back. I got married 9 years ago...oh, if I could do it all over again. It would be all different...well, mostly. The groom would stay the same. =)

  2. My Girlfriend is getting Married in April and chose to get married in San Juan Capistrano as well. Everything there is pretty and very picturesque. Love it! Congrats!


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