food coma

yesterday we went to the L.A. County fair.
I love that place.
It runs a close second to Disneyland for people watching......(my number one place is the airport)
There are SUCH a variety of people there!
It was $1 day and the last weekend so we had to take advantage!
A bunch of our friends ended up meeting us there so it was nice to spend a little QT with the extended fam!
Unfortunately there were no other kids Sweet Pea's age in the group so she was stuck goin on rides with mommy.
Which allowed Mommy to realize she is now "too old" for fair rides.
I swear I thought the little "crazy coaster" was going to go off the track! And the tilt-o-whirl??? No thank you!
But the food!!! Oh my!
Everything deep fried, on a stick, jumbo sized and covered in chocolate.
le makes me happy.
Minus the chocolate covered Cotton Candy. that was just wrong.
how dare they ruin my favorite treat?!?!
Quote of the day from Sweet Pea after experiencing a deep fried Oreo: "Why is everything at the fair fried?"
Answer:"Because it makes everything that much better"

Needless to say I'm in a bit of a food coma today.
But the weather is inspiring me to get in the kitchen....we'll see how it goes.

What did ya'll do fun this weekend?


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