Fat Friday

That is how I will now refer to the Friday prior to Halloween.
So much junk!!!!
Why is there so much candy in my house????

I can feel myself expanding.
I have eaten a ton of candy and its not even time for "Trick 'or Treat"!
The joy's of having a young child =
lots of birthday party goodie bags, and treats from school to tide you over until dinner.
And sometimes after dinner.
Or for breakfast.
Not to worry though.
I am going to start doing Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred on Excercise TV begining Monday.
Yes, I know its somewhat foolish to begin this going into what I like to call "The Eating Holidays" but I have to do something now
or by December 31st I will seriously have
to wear.
And we can't have that.
No, no we definitely can't have that.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


  1. Oh, I hear ya sister! I actually did that 30-day shred workout once. I got all the way through it and actually thought to myself "Ha...Biggest-Loser-my-big-butt! That wasn't that hard!" Until I attempted to get out of bed the next morning and was unable to actually move my limbs. Good luck! It's a very fun and basic workout. I'll try it again in, oh say, 20 pounds from now! =)

  2. mindy- i can barely move today!!!
    thanks for the encouragement!!


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