wedding woe is me

we all dream of the perfect wedding when we are kids

where it will be

what we will wear
walking down the aisle
who will be there
what we don't dream of is all the stress that goes into planning a wedding

and the budget

I despise that word

I've found a FABULOUS location - and am ready to go ahead and book it even though its a bit pricier than I would have liked.

BUT ......It's everything I ever dreamed of for my wedding day.

And I am one of those people that wants to invite the world to her wedding

I am in love and happy about it!

Lets share it with the world right?


In this day and age of being a recessionista bride - we have to be practical.

Something I'm not very good at.

Everyone says "Even if you invite 100 people expect about 20% to not show up"

However, I'm not sure they had Babe and my's family in mind when they came up with that little gem.

See he has a HUGE family, lots of sisters and brothers , cousins, uncles and whatnot.

Mine not so much. But my extended familiy (i.e. people who have been in my life forever) is just as big.

And then there are the friends, former co-workers with whom I remain close to etc.....

So what to do when you're trying to save, one of you still doesn't have a job and you have no idea how you're going to pay for it all?

Trim the fat (read guest list)

Well last night we did that.

And I didn't sleep very well afterwards.

There are people that we cut that while its not imperative that they come.....I would like to see them there!

And this morning he kept going!!

I just don't know what to do!
I see his point but I also don't want to offend anyone who has played an important role in our lives.

Since we are paying for a lot the cost burden falls on us.

We will get help along the way but at this point, we aren't sure exactly how much help we will get.....

It's rather frustrating.

I'm trying to focus on the bigger picture.

The wedding is about us joining together.

It's only ONE day.

But still...........

I just don't feel good about some of the cuts!

Anyone have any suggestions for how to compromise or how to include the folks we cut in other activities?????



  1. Amber - if you really want the location, have you tried to negotiate any of the pricing/options? I know of a few brides that have negotiated the price for their location, or they had more things thrown into the price. You could also consider getting married off-peak season - I got married in March and I will say it was easier to get vendors at good prices at that time.

    Good luck!


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