Scrub a dub -dub

Being that I am currently a SAHM (and have been for some time)

The household chores/ cleaning fall upon my shoulders (for the most part)

I generally take care of the laundry, cooking and cleaning and Babe helps out when needed. (read takes out the trash)

And with the wedding planning, job searching and homework helping

I find myself getting a bit overwhelmed at times.

Babe is always telling me I don't have to do it all myself and thats all well and good

but lets face it....I'm not letting him take on the laundry (not everything can be washed in warm water)

So, with that said, I am trying to come up with a better way to get the whole family involved in the clean -up process

So I'm asking all my peeps out there:

How do you clean? Do you have a set schedule?

Every two weeks tackle a major portion?

Do you clean daily?

Whats your least favorite task?
Are there any good websites that offer a schedule or advice?

Whats your favorite?

If you have kids, how do u get them involved???

Send me your schedules and resources!!

I am open to any suggestions and ideas!!


  1. well, since we already did this over email, I will tell you that my LEAST favorite is putting laundry away. I like folding it, but hate putting it away ;) I play a game in my mind to see how fast I can put it all away :)

  2. you're awesome. i'm obsessed with you.
    i play the SAME game!! hahaha!


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