Reception questions, ideas and thoughts ...ohh my!!

Appetizers vs. Buffet

So in the last week I've posted this and this about my wedding drama and revelations for the last few months.

And today I had a bit of an epiphany

well....... an idea

I know exactly how to make our reception fabulous

But I want to get a few opinions out there.

When my god-sister got married, it was in New Orleans and absolutely lovely

she had a few signature type drinks

absolutely yummy appetizers of some of New Orleans favorites

and cake.

Nothing more.

And I had a GREAT time.


I was wondering what your thoughts were on having a hearty appetizers and cocktails only reception.

There will be cake,

and dancing.

A candy station and possibly a photo booth

a bar of our choosing

and did I mention dancing?

I'm just wondering if this is "acceptable" for a sunday evening ?????

Granted I know its 2009

I'm not a "conventional" bride by any means

but do ya think people would be offended?

Holler back folks!!!
***** on a serious note any and all suggestions are sincerely appreciated****


  1. An evening cocktail reception is perfectly acceptable. It's a great way to save money AND invite everyone you want. Remember, 30 years ago, most wedding receptions consisted of cake a punch. It's only recently that receptions have become over-blown extravaganzas.


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