little things

a few days ago I blogged about a new fall decorating scheme here.
Wondering how I was going to do all that was in my vision on a limited budget was a major concern.
And since I am an uber planner and like to know things in advance it was a bit frustrating to not really have a "plan" as to what I want to do and how to go about it!
So Friday I was up in my "study" pretending to work on my business plan and do some wedding planning when I looked over and noticed the random pillows on the window seat in there.
Well, the pillows have covers on them and I couldn't remember if they were the "regular" pillows from Ikea or the fluffy yellow (more like a golden-rod) ones from the old futon.
I open up the covers and lo and behold - they are the golden rod pillows!!
Now I can put those on the couch downstairs and throw in 2 new slipcovers from Ikea, some candles and faux flowers from Michael's I will be set for fall!!
All for less than I had projected!!!
I love it when an idea comes together without a lot of drama on my part!!!
Thank you Lord!!!
Can't wait until the 22nd when I make my transition to observe autumn in our house!!
anyone have other inexpensive decorating ideas?


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