It's ironic they say you will always remember the most important days in your life.
and the most horrific.
My parents remember exactly where they were,
what they were doing and where they were going when JFK was asassinated
When Dr.King was gunned down.
When Malcom X was shot.
My grandmother remembers when Ms. Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus,
When the civil rights laws were signed into place.
And my generation?
We remember 9/11/01.
It was a school day.
I was newly pregnant and opted to stay home that day as my pelvis was expanding and it was extremely uncomfortable.
I got up.
Babe, was walking out the door on his way to class.
We kissed goodbye.
I turned on the TV.
Same thing on EVERY channel.
What the HECK????
I watched in absolute disbelief and horror as the 2nd plane crashed into the second tower.
I remember praying fervently that this was a dream.
That I would wake up any moment and it would be over.
But it was not.
When the first tower fell my heart sank.
I prayed to the Lord
What is happening?
As the second one began to fall, tears streamed down my eyes.
I simply could not believe what I was seeing.
I sat for several hours in front of the TV
Not moving,
barely breathing
my body wracked with sobs for people I did not know.
And then I got selfish...........
I thought of my unborn child doing flips in my belly.
What kind of world was this we were bringing her into?
How can we consciously raise a child in these awful, tumultuous times?
What is this world coming to?
Then reality kicked in.
As I watched the pure terror in the eyes of NYC citizens,
as two of their landmarks came toppling down
marveled at the bravery of the NYPD and FDNY,
for rushing into a dilapidated building to save lives.
I thanked the Lord for allowing us to even have these entities in place to respond.
My heart went out to those terrified individuals trapped in the buildings,
to their families.
I couldn't imagine what they were feeling.
I still can't.

Now, here we are
8 years later.

The memory as fresh as if it had happened last week.
But I remember.
the pain
confusion and disbelief
How could this have happened to us HERE?
Suddenly I was more greatful than ever for all my military personnel who were fighting to keep me safe.
Suddenly I "got it".
and I prayed again.
I am still praying,
still grateful
I will always remember.

What do YOU remember???


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