I decided....

i've been thinking
I love this man more than anything.
I just want to marry him.
I don't really care where or who's there.
I just want him.
I also would like to have a wedding.
A celebration of this love.
This union and bond.
And it doesnt have to be some super lavish affair.

It will be fabulous!

It will be more us.

I want to include all that we love and care for.

And dance under the stars

surrounded by their love and blessings

Therefore I need to re-direct my focus.

Start looking elsewhere.

Just because I like someplace doesnt mean its the one for us right?

Maybe I am secon guessing myself but I was feeling really uneasy the last week about this

I did a lot of thinking about why I was really holding onto this location.

yes its be-yoo-ti-ful

and we did really like it

but alas, it is out of our price range

and I know it

so I will let it go

and move onward and upward

I met with and old friend who's going to help me look at few other venues and I'm pretty stoked about it!
I know I will find something we love thats what we're looking for and within our price range

Cuz, hey I'm a budgety savvy frugalista bride who's quite a bit crafty and will make this day spectacular on shoestring.


The really cool part is in the last few days I have found some really great websites that have inspired me and excited me to new bounds!!!

Loving it!


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