"Free" Speech?

On the political front, this has been a rather interesting and exciting week.
As a recenlty "middle -aged" individual, prior to the last year I have never really taken the time to get involved in politics and find out whats going on with the powers that be in my country.
However I have felt that now, more than ever, I need to pay attention to all that is going on.
And let me just tell ya, it's a lot of bullshit being flung around.
Pardon my french but there is.
Case in point, this week the President was set to give a "back-to-school" speech to the children.
Pundits, and parents were up in arms!
How dare he think that he can address my child!!!????
Umm welll .....he is the President.
He's going to poison their minds with a partisan speech!!!
As I remember it, George Bush Sr. addressed my classmates and myself when I was in jr. high, on Channel 1 and it was not an option to view it.
So what's the big deal?
Why do we have people who are trying to illegitimize the fact the Barack Obama IS the President?
I am seriously confused.
See I was always taught that even if we do not agree with someone in a position of authority it is our duty to give their position the respect it deserves.
To hear and see such a negative reaction to such a ( I feel) small issue was disconcerting.
The other fun thing was the President's speech to the joint session of Congress.
This was most exciting to me!
I feel healthcare is an important issue in this country and it must be addressed.
Imagine my surprise and astonishment when in the middle of the President's address a Senator from South Carolina shouted:
It was response the Presidents remark about not funding healthcare for illegal immigrants.
Have we seriously gone so far that a member of Congress has the audacity to heckle the man who holds the highest office in government?
I was shocked and appalled.
And then I got mad!
This is America and we value free speech but that was completely uncalled for.
Completely. Uncalled for.
I'm all for debate and bi-partisanship but the blatant disrespect was astonishing.
And then I thought of the children.
The ones many were "protecting" by taking them out of school so as not to hear the President tell them to study hard and never give up.
The ones to whom we are passing along our ideologies and prejudices.
Whether we realize it or not.
These kids listen to us.
They adopt our ideals and theories.
They are too young to pass judgement so we do it for them.
Then we are shocked when we hear an 8-yr. old exclaim; "I don't like Barack Obama."
I am not trying to get on my soap box but this is something I feel strongly about and had to get off my chest.

I cannot speak for everyone, and I know this will not speak to everyone.
But for the children's sake, let's get a handle on this.
The pettiness.
The lying.
The ugliness.
We have to do better by them.

Wether you voted for the man or not.
He IS our President.
His office is one that demands respect.


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