FALLing into autumn

A couple weeks ago I posted this about wanting to decorate for the upcoming fall season.
I gave myself a budget and stuck to it.
Well here are the results!!!
I spent a lot less than I had anticipated
($25.00 to be exact) and I am pleased with the results.
Babe came home this afternoon and mentioned how warm and cozy it looked in the living room.
That made my heart soar!
I'm excited to have made the changes and our little house is all cute and cozy and can't wait for the weather outside to catch up with how it looks inside!
Soon we can build a fire!!!

But alas it's 100 + degrees and there will be none of that going on!
That's okay.
I can just stare at my candles and pretend! :)


Ohh and here's a quick pick of my newly purchased wall applique!

It reads

"If music be the food of love, play on" - Shakespeare

A few more changes and my kitchen will be complete!


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