D.I.Y......a fabulous fall makeover

My friend Rachel has got me all fired up about this upcoming "Fall" season.
I have that in quotes because lets face it.
It's California.
It's September and its still 90+ degrees.
We don't really have a "fall" perse - more like we just skip straight to "holiday/ winter".
Kinda makes me miss living in Atlanta.
It was cold but at least we had seasons.
Anywho- I digress.......
So, like most women I know, I love to decorate my house.
And I want it to be warm and inviting to all who enter.
Not just in atmosphere but in decor too.
So I am thinking I would like to do a D.I.Y. project of some sort.
Clearly I'm not going to knock out any walls or put down new floors,
but I want to change the colors to make it more "warm".
The problem:
I am indecisive as all get out ...and I don't know what to DO
Seriously, I had to take a friend w/ me to Target to pick out lights for the veranda and it still took 40 minutes of hemming & hawwing to do that!
The Solution:
Ask my cyber friends!!!
So ladies - does anyone have any suggestions to spruce up my house in a more fall like atmosphere?
Here are a few pics of what it looks like NOW.
I really want to swap out the blue pillows in favor of maybe some orange-y red tones and possibly get some chair covers for the dining table, I have bamboo place mats but its "missing something!!
I also don't want to spend more than $175 for everything!
I need cute knick-knacks and jars for candy corn and other "decor".
And definitely more candles.
But I just don't know where to begin to look!!!
And if you know anyone who makes pillow /chair covers/ table cloths/runners/napkins - send them my way!!!!!
Since this won't be happening for at least 2 weeeks.
( I want to start about Sept. 22nd since that's the first official day of Autumn)
Please, please, help me out in this!!!
I really want to make this first year in our new place special and full of memories and I have a feeling this will help/guide me on quest!!!


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