a beautiful day???

the last few days have seemed like things were just out of wack.
A shocking revelation and accusations from a long time friend
A broken sprinkler head was gushing water
I woke up before the alarm went off
after not sleeping most of the night
Sweet Pea was home sick yesterday so my "to-do's" got moved to today
Had to move the cars as they were slurry slating the asphalt so couldn't drive up to my own house- that was fun.
I had no plan for dinner ,was at a loss as to what to make
and felt the beginings of a headache coming on.
so needless to say I was off my game
after dinner Babe turned on the TV and I plopped onto the couch totally spent.
We end up watching Kit Kittredge: An American Girl with Sweet Pea
absolutely adorable movie
Set in Ohio at the begining of the Great Depression it reflected a time similar to what we are going through now
People coming together to make things work
and figuring out how to live more simply.
Sweet Pea was astonished at what things used to cost (.15 cents for a dozen eggs???)
And how much fun the kids had actually playing outside!
what a novel concept!!!
It completely turned my attitude around.
We had a lovely family moment while watching the movie and let Sweet Pea stay up few minutes past her regular bedtime.
Then when she pounced on her daddy while saying good night and he squeezed her tight to his chest........ sigh
my cup runneth over
and in that moment I remembered what was really important to me.
My family
What a beautiful day


  1. aren't these just the most, precious times.
    so glad you were able to enjoy, your family.


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