ball of confusion

as many of you know I have been struggling with the whole "work for the man or for myself" issue for the last few months.

On the one hand - working for the man would be easy, and instant gratification of pay.

On the other hand- working for myself is much more satisfying but I need to focus my vision plan for my artistry business.

I think I've mentioned that before.

Anywho - this past week's adventures, conversations and laundry list of "wants vs. needs" has me really contemplating the whole "working mom" thing.


I realize that I am somewhat envious of other SAHM's as it seems their lives are filled with Target and Costco runs, dinners out w/ friends and generally seem to have a lot more room for "extras".

Now that may not be the case and I realize that perception is NOT reality.....but still.

I'm kind of longing for that sense of financial freedom.

Not that I KNOW that they have said freedom - but it seems like it.

I like budgeting my money and knowing that I got a good deal on things.

But I also don't really like being without or knowing that I can't really afford to get my kid or fiance a few "extra's just because".
Cause I don't have it.

So my latest idea is for part-time employment.

Maybe working 5 hours a day, everyday or a couple of days a week.

Just to help out and give us that "something extra" that I think we need.
Allow us to save for the wedding and pay down any debts we have or incurr until then.
And also to releive some of the stress off of Babe for being our sole financial provider.

I have already turned this problem over to the Lord and am looking to Him for guidance, but in the meantime.

It can't hurt to look right?


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