1st week round up

As you may have seen here Sweet Pea started 2nd grade this week!
Of course Mommy was super nervous at the thought of her attending an all new school where she didnt really know anyone.
So Monday morning we were up bright and early getting our "first day" outfit on proper and rushed off to school.
Because SO many kids go to her school the morning parking scene is a bit nuts and it took me longer than I anticipated to get a spot.
We hopped right out and made it just as the bell was ringing.
Daddy & I picked her up from school , went to Target for some Converse and then treated her to a McDonald's dinner!
Tuesday -
Babe decided he would just take her himself since it was on his way to work.
No argument from me there!
Another cute outfit is picked out and they were on their way!
I pick her up and she has a band-aid on her elbow.
I ask what happened.
She replies, I fell tripped over the "wall" (read curb) and fell down.
When did this happen? At recess?
No. Right after Daddy dropped me off.
Apparently, her Dad didnt realize that she didnt really know where to go
(seeing as how she'd never been to that school before) in the mornings and hasn't really mastered the school's layout. It was only her second day after all!
So, he pulled up, she hopped out and started to walk towards her classroom, tripped on the curb and fell.
Tears ensued.
My poor baby.
Daddy was devasted.
To his credit, he didnt realize she was so scared about going in by herself and thought we had done the same thing the day before, until I explained that for at least this week, he needed to walk her in.
Wednesday and Thursday were a breeze.
Thursday was back-to-school night and that was fun.
We saw her classroom, re-introduced ourselves to her teacher and I volunteered for a couple of class projects!
By Friday she was whipped and ready to end the week!
Friday is spirit day and who ever wears "Spirit Gear" gets free juice bars!
What fun!!!
So we made sure we had our school shirt laid out for Friday!
Then I go pick her up and see all these little girls whose "Spirit Gear" is bedazzled!!!
Was there a memo that I didnt get?
Needless to say Sweet Pea has already asked if we can do that to her shirt.
Of course I said yes!!!
Now I have to get a bedazzler!!!!!

Monday: Fresh and ready to go!

Tuesday: rockin the pigtails and converse

Wednesday: stylin and profilin

Thursday: Hello Kitty!

Friday: Spirit day


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