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stay at home mom vs. work from home mom - a different perspective (part1)

vs. My good friend Phnewfula (thats New-fa-la) over at posted this about a conversation we had this morning regarding her working from home and me not. The gist of the conversation was that while she loves having the ability to do her job from home it is somewhat frustrating as her son is 16 months and very active! (ahhh I remember what it was like to chase after a 16 month old!) She was lamenting about how she feels bad about him being cooped up in the house with her while she's working and doesn't feel like she has enough time in the day to do "fun" things like play dates, walks, or going to the park. And I totally get where she's coming from. It is hard to try and get any work done, be it housework, homework or work "work" when a toddler is involved!!! I should know as I went back to work and school just after my Sweet Pea turned 2 I felt like a horrible parent because I went to work, picked her up from day-c

AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!! Wedding in a week!!

so you all know I am compeltely weddding obsessed right now and awhile back I found the coolest blog ever! TheBroke-AssBride is a bomb chick who has wicked style and planned her recession friendly wedding on a broke-ass budget! Her blog always has all these dope guest bloggers whenever she's out of town , suggestions and hook-ups and this week she is hosting a MAYJAH give away!! She's gotten together with some of her favorite peeps and together they are giving away TONS of prizes that every bride dreams of for their wedding, including a custom couture gown, photography, invitations, favors, veils , bouquets and more!! Check her out and win some free stuff!!! I know I will be!

weekend wrap up.....

what a lovely weekend we had! didn't do a WHOLE lot but enjoyed ourselves none-the-less. Spent most of the day Saturday at the movies. We saw both "Fame" and "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" Talk about a great day! I have been dying to see "Fame" since, in my mind, I went to a performing arts high school and am on "So you think you can dance". It was pretty good. I was kind of hoping for more "performances" but I think overall, they did the original film, and tv show justice. And "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"? WOW! we were so excited to see this movie as Sweet Pea and I read the book as part of our "Summer Reading adventure". It was in 3-D and was too cute for words. Truthfully I'm a total sucker for movies like this and am glad I have a kid who can go see it with me! In her own words, " It was good. There were sad parts, there funny parts, there were uplifting moments and lots of food. It made

Scrub a dub -dub

Being that I am currently a SAHM (and have been for some time) The household chores/ cleaning fall upon my shoulders (for the most part) I generally take care of the laundry, cooking and cleaning and Babe helps out when needed. (read takes out the trash) And with the wedding planning, job searching and homework helping I find myself getting a bit overwhelmed at times. Babe is always telling me I don't have to do it all myself and thats all well and good but lets face it....I'm not letting him take on the laundry (not everything can be washed in warm water) So, with that said, I am trying to come up with a better way to get the whole family involved in the clean -up process So I'm asking all my peeps out there: How do you clean? Do you have a set schedule? Every two weeks tackle a major portion? Do you clean daily? Whats your least favorite task? Are there any good websites that offer a schedule or advice? Whats your favorite? If you have kids, how do u get

Friday Morning Light

when I came downstairs this morning there was the most beautiful light dancing through the kitchen my favorite candle holders sparkling like jewels the prisms dancing on the ceiling shining like stars and I knew today was going to be a great day there will be light shining down all over the place happy friday everyone =)

sweet pea's corner: shop, nosh, chat.....

sweet pea's corner: shop, nosh, chat.....

shop, nosh, chat.....

Hey Everyone!!! My good friend Rachel is having a sale!! She is a lover of all things vintage and is hosting an "attic sale" of sorts for all of her vintage items she has found at estate sales! If you like vintage or just like to chat, shop and nosh on yummy snacks come by and see her!!! Please check out her blog for more details!!!!

change is in the air....and a thought for thursday

Be still my heart folks I've reached over 100 posts!! And I've decided a little pomp and circumstance is in order!!! So I've made a few aesthetic changes to the blog! ANNND it's almost October which is National Breast Cancer Awareness month so I'm thinking Pink!!! Hope you like!!! ******* Thought for Thursday********* "Fate is how your life unfolds when you let fear determine your choices. A path of destiny reveals itself to you, however, when you confront your fear and make conscious choices." - Caroline Myss ,is a best-selling author and medical intuitive.

Reception questions, ideas and thoughts ...ohh my!!

Appetizers vs. Buffet So in the last week I've posted this and this about my wedding drama and revelations for the last few months. And today I had a bit of an epiphany well....... an idea I know exactly how to make our reception fabulous But I want to get a few opinions out there. When my god-sister got married, it was in New Orleans and absolutely lovely she had a few signature type drinks absolutely yummy appetizers of some of New Orleans favorites and cake. Nothing more. And I had a GREAT time. SOOOOOO I was wondering what your thoughts were on having a hearty appetizers and cocktails only reception. There will be cake, and dancing. A candy station and possibly a photo booth a bar of our choosing and did I mention dancing? I'm just wondering if this is "acceptable" for a sunday evening ????? Granted I know its 2009 I'm not a "conventional" bride by any means but do ya think people would be offended? Holler back folks!!

I decided....

i've been thinking I love this man more than anything. I just want to marry him. I don't really care where or who's there. I just want him. BUT I also would like to have a wedding. A celebration of this love. This union and bond. And it doesnt have to be some super lavish affair. It will be fabulous! It will be more us. I want to include all that we love and care for. And dance under the stars surrounded by their love and blessings Therefore I need to re-direct my focus. Start looking elsewhere. Just because I like someplace doesnt mean its the one for us right? Maybe I am secon guessing myself but I was feeling really uneasy the last week about this I did a lot of thinking about why I was really holding onto this location. yes its be-yoo-ti-ful and we did really like it but alas, it is out of our price range and I know it so I will let it go and move onward and upward I met with and old friend who's going to help me look at few other venues and I'm pretty stoked

FALLing into autumn

A couple weeks ago I posted this about wanting to decorate for the upcoming fall season. I gave myself a budget and stuck to it. Well here are the results!!! I spent a lot less than I had anticipated ($25.00 to be exact) and I am pleased with the results. Babe came home this afternoon and mentioned how warm and cozy it looked in the living room. That made my heart soar! I'm excited to have made the changes and our little house is all cute and cozy and can't wait for the weather outside to catch up with how it looks inside! Soon we can build a fire!!! But alas it's 100 + degrees and there will be none of that going on! That's okay. I can just stare at my candles and pretend! :) ********************************** Ohh and here's a quick pick of my newly purchased wall applique! It reads "If music be the food of love, play on" - Shakespeare A few more changes and my kitchen will be complete!

Monday Love

"Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from." - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Ross was a Swiss-born psychiatrist and the author of the groundbreaking book On Death and Dying ************************************** I know that today's quote is especially poignant for me. My intent the last week has been to really listen in silence and figure out where God is leading me and what I am to do once there. It's interesting, I lament some days because I do not have a "job" outside my home right now. And believe me, we are struggling. But whenever I mention this to others, usually older more wizened friends, they all say the same thing: "there is a reason you are at home, trust in Him". I believe this is true but have yet to discover said reason. I wonder if I am not working because my intentions are not in the right

pay it forward

Yesterday, I had to do some grocery shopping but decided to first pop into the Dollar Tree "just to see what they have" by way of fall decor. Since I already have my budget I knew it wouldn't break my bank if I tucked in there right quick and checked out the goods. I love that place. So many goodies for such a low price! It doesn't get much better than that. I ended up just grabbing one item ( I needed a new diffuser and oil for downstairs) and headed to the checkout. The couple in front of me was quickly wrapping up their purchase but were short .09 cents. I offered them a dime. It was no big thing to me as I had a bunch of change in my wallet and it just didnt make sense to me to waste the $5 bill they had just given the cashier. The couple thanked me profusely and went on their way. Unfortunately for me, the grocery store I went to was next to Michael's. ( I could spend hours in there) So I popped in there before getting my grocery on and was supe

wedding woe is me

we all dream of the perfect wedding when we are kids where it will be what we will wear walking down the aisle who will be there what we don't dream of is all the stress that goes into planning a wedding and the budget I despise that word I've found a FABULOUS location - and am ready to go ahead and book it even though its a bit pricier than I would have liked. BUT ......It's everything I ever dreamed of for my wedding day. And I am one of those people that wants to invite the world to her wedding I am in love and happy about it! Lets share it with the world right? Wrong. In this day and age of being a recessionista bride - we have to be practical. Something I'm not very good at. Everyone says "Even if you invite 100 people expect about 20% to not show up" However, I'm not sure they had Babe and my's family in mind when they came up with that little gem. See he has a HUGE family, lots of sisters and brothers , cousins, uncles and whatn

busy bee

Somehow the day managed to get away from me again. I have no idea where the time went! I spent a lot of time updating and revising my resume looking for jobs and trying to really focus on where it is I'm going and what I'm doing. I had a GREAT devotional this morning, went for a 40 min. walk and communed with nature and tried to make it a point to really LISTEN to what God is trying to tell me. I'm starting to realize that I have been so BUSY doing what I do each day that I haven't really stopped to listen and hear what the Lord is saying to me. This past week I have resolved to go s-l-o-w.....and I can't wait to see what happens when I do that! I've found that it's like this with friends and family too. Sometimes we are so busy with all that we are doing that we don't take (read make) the time to listen to each other and what we are going through. We are so BUSY with everyday life and "stuff"that often we miss a lot of the moments . I&

a beautiful day???

the last few days have seemed like things were just out of wack. A shocking revelation and accusations from a long time friend A broken sprinkler head was gushing water I woke up before the alarm went off after not sleeping most of the night Sweet Pea was home sick yesterday so my "to-do's" got moved to today Had to move the cars as they were slurry slating the asphalt so couldn't drive up to my own house- that was fun. I had no plan for dinner ,was at a loss as to what to make and felt the beginings of a headache coming on. so needless to say I was off my game after dinner Babe turned on the TV and I plopped onto the couch totally spent. We end up watching Kit Kittredge: An American Girl with Sweet Pea absolutely adorable movie Set in Ohio at the begining of the Great Depression it reflected a time similar to what we are going through now People coming together to make things work and figuring out how to live more simply. Sweet Pea was astonished at what things us

take a moment on Monday......

A few weeks ago I posted about Monday prayer requests. Well we are in full swing and I wanted to give everyone equal opportunity to vent their requests and praises. My wonderfully, amazing friend Rachel at No.17CherryTreeLane posts any and all prayer requets to her blog each and every monday. If you have any requests you can simply email them to her at: or if you don't feel comfortable emailing a complete stranger you can send them to me at: You can be anonymous, you can say your name- whatever you feel comfortable with. But the more people we have praying the better for all! Prayer works folks. We have all evidenced this wether we choose to believe it or not is up to us. Please check out this Monday's post HERE !!!

today....I will

From my FB: Amber got a message that on this day, God wants her to know... ... that tonight you can turn your worries to God, and have a good night's sleep.You've been worrying too much about the future lately. So tonight, go ahead, put your faith in God, and just have a peaceful evening and a restful sleep. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid“. - John 14:27   It seems like this message is right on time. I have been worrying about the future a lot lately. More so than ever it seems. And really not worrying per se but it’s constantly on my mind. In the last week I have done more job searching and hunting than I have the last month. Simply because I am ready to work. Ready to do my part and contribute to this family financially. I have been so pre-occupied with “stuff” that I haven’t really let that thought take hold. I’ve kind of psyched myself out of looking for emplo

little things

a few days ago I blogged about a new fall decorating scheme here. Wondering how I was going to do all that was in my vision on a limited budget was a major concern. And since I am an uber planner and like to know things in advance it was a bit frustrating to not really have a "plan" as to what I want to do and how to go about it! So Friday I was up in my "study" pretending to work on my business plan and do some wedding planning when I looked over and noticed the random pillows on the window seat in there. Well, the pillows have covers on them and I couldn't remember if they were the "regular" pillows from Ikea or the fluffy yellow (more like a golden-rod) ones from the old futon. I open up the covers and lo and behold - they are the golden rod pillows!! Score!! Now I can put those on the couch downstairs and throw in 2 new slipcovers from Ikea, some candles and faux flowers from Michael's I will be set for fall!! All for less than I had projected!

"Free" Speech?

On the political front, this has been a rather interesting and exciting week. As a recenlty "middle -aged" individual, prior to the last year I have never really taken the time to get involved in politics and find out whats going on with the powers that be in my country. However I have felt that now, more than ever, I need to pay attention to all that is going on. And let me just tell ya, it's a lot of bullshit being flung around. Pardon my french but there is. Case in point, this week the President was set to give a "back-to-school" speech to the children. Pundits, and parents were up in arms! How dare he think that he can address my child!!!???? Umm welll .....he is the President. He's going to poison their minds with a partisan speech!!! Seriously? As I remember it, George Bush Sr. addressed my classmates and myself when I was in jr. high, on Channel 1 and it was not an option to view it. So what's the big deal? Why do we have people who are tryin


It's ironic they say you will always remember the most important days in your life. and the most horrific. My parents remember exactly where they were, what they were doing and where they were going when JFK was asassinated When Dr.King was gunned down. When Malcom X was shot. My grandmother remembers when Ms. Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus, When the civil rights laws were signed into place. And my generation? We remember 9/11/01. It was a school day. I was newly pregnant and opted to stay home that day as my pelvis was expanding and it was extremely uncomfortable. I got up. Babe, was walking out the door on his way to class. We kissed goodbye. I turned on the TV. Same thing on EVERY channel. What the HECK???? I watched in absolute disbelief and horror as the 2nd plane crashed into the second tower. I remember praying fervently that this was a dream. That I would wake up any moment and it would be over. But it was not. When the first tower fell my heart sank. I pr

thoughtful thursday

Food for thought on this Thursday: "Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built." - James Allen, was a philosophical writer of British nationality known for his inspirational books and poetry.

labor day = lazy long weekend

So this weekend was a nice 3-day'er Since Labor day was Monday and the kiddies had no school, Babe didnt have to work and I even took the day off from "working at home". We decided at the last minute that we'd BBQ for our "Soulful Sunday" this week in honor of the long weekend. So we did. Babe made a fabulous s'morgous board of chicken, ribs and hot dogs for the kiddies. I made a pasta salad, followed his direction for the baked beans and tested out two new recipes! Minted Iced Tea Lemonade and Key Lime Bars! Both were so easy and a wonderful treat to add to our dinner! Alas I have no pictures because I was starving and didnt think about the camera until after we ate. sigh. But suffice to say they were yumm!!!! I slightly modified the Minted Iced Tea Lemonade as I didnt have any mint. So really it was just a Green Tea Lemonade.....and it was so good! I think I may just stop going to Starbucks all together!! ******Here are the recipes****

1st week round up

As you may have seen here Sweet Pea started 2nd grade this week! Of course Mommy was super nervous at the thought of her attending an all new school where she didnt really know anyone. So Monday morning we were up bright and early getting our "first day" outfit on proper and rushed off to school. Because SO many kids go to her school the morning parking scene is a bit nuts and it took me longer than I anticipated to get a spot. We hopped right out and made it just as the bell was ringing. Daddy & I picked her up from school , went to Target for some Converse and then treated her to a McDonald's dinner! Tuesday - Babe decided he would just take her himself since it was on his way to work. No argument from me there! Another cute outfit is picked out and they were on their way! I pick her up and she has a band-aid on her elbow. I ask what happened. She replies, I fell tripped over the "wall" (read curb) and fell down. Great. When did this happen? At recess

ball of confusion

as many of you know I have been struggling with the whole "work for the man or for myself" issue for the last few months. On the one hand - working for the man would be easy, and instant gratification of pay. On the other hand- working for myself is much more satisfying but I need to focus my vision plan for my artistry business. I think I've mentioned that before. Anywho - this past week's adventures, conversations and laundry list of "wants vs. needs" has me really contemplating the whole "working mom" thing. Again. I realize that I am somewhat envious of other SAHM's as it seems their lives are filled with Target and Costco runs, dinners out w/ friends and generally seem to have a lot more room for "extras". Now that may not be the case and I realize that perception is NOT reality.....but still. I'm kind of longing for that sense of financial freedom. Not that I KNOW that they have said freedom - but it seems like it.

D.I.Y......a fabulous fall makeover

My friend Rachel has got me all fired up about this upcoming "Fall" season. I have that in quotes because lets face it. It's California. It's September and its still 90+ degrees. We don't really have a "fall" perse - more like we just skip straight to "holiday/ winter". Kinda makes me miss living in Atlanta. It was cold but at least we had seasons. Anywho- I digress....... So, like most women I know, I love to decorate my house. And I want it to be warm and inviting to all who enter. Not just in atmosphere but in decor too. So I am thinking I would like to do a D.I.Y. project of some sort. Clearly I'm not going to knock out any walls or put down new floors, but I want to change the colors to make it more "warm". The problem: I am indecisive as all get out ...and I don't know what to DO Seriously, I had to take a friend w/ me to Target to pick out lights for the veranda and it still took 40 minutes of hemming & hawwing to

a reason. a season. a lifetime

Since I hosted a ladies night over the weekend that was somewhat of a science experiment this past week I have been thinking a lot about my friendships. And I don't mean like crazy-blow-up in your face science experiment. I mean like a scientific study. See I have all different kinds of friends. Ages, creeds, colors, races and religions. And I love to bring them all together to see how people interact. (I was a Mass Communication major in college , who's favorite class was organizational communication, so I am slightly obsessed with how people deal with each other.) Sometimes I cringe, sometimes I giggle and sometimes I just shake my head. I often wonder about how people become and remain friends as they go through life. It seems we all go through stages when one of our friends is more dominant in our life either because of where we live, what we do or what we believe. I truly believe people come into your life for a reason and you theirs. You may not realize it at the time,

"good hair"

My god-sister posted a link on her FB page that struck a cord with me. It's an article from the NY times entitled: Skin Deep - Black Hair, Still Tangled in Politics Touching on the subject of African-American women and their hair. It also discussed the First Lady's hair style and that of her children. Apparentlythe eldest Malia, was wearing her hair in twists for the summer and some pundit deemed her "as unfit to represent America for stepping out unstraightened. " Word? That definitely struck a chord with me. See as a kid I was never one of those girls who had "good hair". Meaning my hair's texture had to be worked with. It wouldnt just lay flat without the help of a pressing comb or a relaxer of some sort. Or be soft and flowing when wet. And I was always subconsciously aware of this "good hair" mystique. I spent the majority of my life chemically relaxin