writers block

Not that i don't have anything to say.

Cuz let's face it, I'm rarely at a loss for words but......

Right now, I'm just having a hard time articulating and gathering my thoughts.

I feel like my creative muses have gone on holiday again w/ no noitce to me!!!

Very frustrating as a woman who writes incessantly.

In the morning.

In the evening.

whenever the mood strikes, I put paper to pen

or sometimes fingers to keys

and usually somewhere along the way

and idea pops into my head

I get inspired

and the words just flow.

But lately

I got bubkiss




negative creative juice

and it bugs me

I know pretty soon I will be inspired by some passing flight of fancy

but right now

I'm pretty irritated about it.

oh well.

I guess this was an inspired post eh?

maybe tomorrow will be better


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