Soulful Sunday

Today was Soulful Sunday at my house.
Thats what I call the Sundays when we wake up have big breakfast then I attempt a new recipe for dinner.
Usually my dad or someone is coming over as well.
This Sunday was no exception.
It's my sister-in-love Mimi's birthday and she came over w/ Babe's mom for lasagna dinner and Frozen Lemonade pie.
Both recipes are from the Down home with the Neely's cookbook.
(I just LOVE them)
Turns out Babe's mom used to make Frozen Lemonade Pie when he was a kid!
I have never before made lasagna so I was a bit nervous but it ended up turning out GREAT!
Babe's brother, his wife and our friends the Johnson's also swung by so we had a full house!
I LOVE an impromtu family gathering!
Just makes my heart feel good.

what is left of the Frozen Lemonade Pie

My first ever lasagna
Brunch this morning

Hope you all had a fabulously Soulful Sunday as well!


  1. is that pork bacon???????????????????????/

  2. yaaah NOOOOOOOO - we only get down w/ turkey around here


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