the simple things

It's Wednesday......hump day
to get me over the hump I started thinking about how it's really the little things that make me happy
Like going to the movies with long lost friends -all the while making new ones

taking Sweet Pea to the Library and hanging out w/ our neighbors
Singing P.Y.T in the kitchen with my family

* getting new patio furniture that will be enjoyed for many months to come
* spending time with my immediate family (i.e. Mom & Dad)
* being able to check a book out from the Library.....curl up and read it into the wee hours of the night
* giggling with my girlfriends like teenagers
* dancing like a maniac in my room - pretending that I'm in FAME/ABDC/SYTYCD
* being granted new opportunities when I think that the door has been closed in my face
* waking up each morning in a house that we love and has become our home

Happy Hump Day Everyone!


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