a new dawn. a new day

In light of the meltdown I had yesterday
I was somewhat heavy hearted even though I received
wonderful words of encouragement from my friends and family
( I had to call my dad for a pep talk)
And it dawned on me.
I am clearly going about this all wrong.
I am focusing on what I want to do
Not what I am being called to do
As Babe came home yesterday evening after having a not so fun day himself
we sat out on the veranda
sweet tea in hand
talking about our respective days
asking silly questions
(what kind of bird would you be if you had to be a bird? My answer was a flamingo cuz it's pretty and I'd get to wear a cute feathery skirt and sleep standing on one leg!)
It hit me.
THIS is what my life is about
moments like these
As we continued to chat while I attempted to fry some chicken strips
(first two were scorched & more tears ensued)
We discussed the reality of him maybe getting a second job and me really focusing on my business
I was struck again by how amazing this man is.
And how truly blessed I am
He works HARD as it is.
I haven't worked in over a year and he goes to work everyday for our family.
He's even willing to work harder, so I can follow my dreams and take care of our child
and it melts my heart and I fall in love again.
He reminded me that I LOVE being an artist
and that I'm pretty good at what I do
He encouraged me to not give up
and for that I am truly grateful
He reminded me what it was I wanted to focus on and just gave me the support and encouragement ( also the swift kick in the rear)
that I needed to move forward
On some level -I do want to work outside the home.
But, I also want to be there to pick up Sweet Pea after schoool
visit her class room during the week and help out
and make yummy meals for my family
and create memories and traditions
but still do what I love
So for now,
I will continue my job search out in the "real world"
but I am going to put more energy into
MY business
as a makeup artist extraordinaire
I need to re-tool my vision of my makeup artistry
maybe even come up with a new company name
and get the word out there!
I am open for business!!!
So, with that said, I will need models or as I like to say
"I need to borrow your face"
race is not a factor as I want to make ALL women feel beautiful
from the ones who are on a shoe-string budget
to those who can afford to shut down Sephora!
So bring it on ladies!!!
I will make new cards, take more pictures and get back to reading up on the industry.
thanks again for the encouragement but I have a new task for you all.
With all this new change:
Does anyone have any suggestions for a new business name?


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