monday chit chat....a.k.a weekend wrap-up

What a WONDERFUL weekend!!!
Friday: I picked up my super pregnant friend (she's due Sept. 15th) who is also my hair dresser/stylist, to "do" my hair (read press & curl ).
Which was nothing less than amazing seeing how it was 90+ degrees, she's pregnant and ready for baby to come.
She and her two kids (boy & girl) came to hang out for a bit.
Her daughter is also one of Sweet Pea's B.F.F's and they havent seen each other in while
they also go to have a fun weekend together but more on that later.
We were also able to go visit the Coxe's briefly so the boys could meet and subsequently fall in love with each other.
After I took her and her son home, I loaded up the girls and took them down to my mother's in Long Beach.
My mom took them to the San Diego Zoo for the first time!
Needless to say they had a blast and were worn out when they came home yesterday!!!
Thanks Nana!!!
Saturday: as per my previous post here I had one of my infamous Ladies Nights and was up at the crack of dawn to get the house in order.
I had done most of the cleaning earlier in the week but still had a few "last minute" things to take care of.
And of course , the jello shots and cupcakes had to be made!
I also tried my hand at making a Margherita Pizza!!!
My man is amazing.
Earlier in the week, I sprayed Round Up in the yard to kill the overgrown weeds and misc. growth.
However, two days of yard work + not enough Zyrtec = Bad allergy attack for me
So I didn't pull up the weeds once they were sprayed.
I also don't have gardening gloves so that was a factor too.
But my fabulous man, he pulled them all up for me. =)
and swept.
And hung up my string lights for "ambiance".
Sunday: My mom brought the girls back and since it was her birthday, she stayed for dinner.
Since it was so good, and easy the first time, I made another Margherita pizza ( Sweet Pea made her own) combined w/ a lite salad.
A heartshaped cupcake topped off the evening!
Happy Birthday Mom!
Thanks for taking the girls to the zoo and I hope you enjoyed your day!!!


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